How To: Temporary Wear Eyelash

In the first stage, the handheld curling device is used to form the initial shape of the natural lashes. Then some light mascara is applied.
For this type of extension, the individual flare false lash is the best option to choose. Moreover, how properly the extension is performed can have a great effect on how dazzling the eyes will look after the treatment.
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Hello everyone, I'm an Extension technician from Soorati beauty salon, Today, I'm gonna do a temporary lash extension for this client. the first thing to do is shape the natural lash using an eyelash curler. the next step is apply light mascara to the lashes, we better choose waterproof mascara so that nothing happens to it during the treatment. now I'll add the individual flare lashes. I'll start adding from the outer corner. the way strands are installed is highly effective at making the eyes whether look upwards or downwards. use your finger to shape the lashes during the process. well, I do hope you've found this tutorial helpful. To join the classes in Soorati Beauty Salon, please dial the numbers provided.

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