How To: Temporary Eyelash Extension

In this tutorial, you will learn how a temporary false lash extension is attached. This video was provided by Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Moradnia from Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute. Today I am here with a new tutorial to cover eyelash extensions. The method I want to show you today is useful for people who want to have their false lashes for two or three weeks but do not want to go through an eyelash extension process.

For this procedure, you will need one pincer and two types of glue. One of them is white glue. You can get them from any brand. Just keep in mind that they come with different potencies. The other one is the black glue. You will also need strip lashes. Strip lashes come in different sized and you can choose any of the three. These strip lashes come in sizes 8, 10, and 12. For a clean work and to prevent any problems for the client after,
We use a pad to cover the lower lashes and protect them from the glue.

First, consider the client’s eye and see if the eye is long or round. If the client has a little extra skin on the upper eyelids, you should avoid using long lashes at the outer edge of the eyes and instead you should use the long lashes a few millimeters inside closer to the middle of the lash line. Start at the inner corner of the lash line with a size 8, then use size then, next use size twelve a little before the end of the lash line and then use a size eight or ten at the outer corner at the end of the lash line. This will have a lifting effect on the eye.

If the eyes are round, you can start in the inner corner with size eight, then ten, and use size twelve at the end of the lash line. This will make the eyes look a little longer. For this technique, we attach the false lashes under the lash line. We ask the client to look up, and then attach the false lashes under the lash line. Therefore, we have to add the glue inside the false lash, not outside. Pull false lash on the eyelash a little to smear it will the glue and then attach it. Keep in mind that the false lashes you attach should not touch the tissue inside the eyelids because it can irritate the eyes. Since my client has long lashes, I chose size ten as my smallest size.

How many false lashes you add depends on you. You can add many false lashes with high density or attach them sparsely and fewer in numbers. This depends on what the client prefers. The glue we are using here looks white when it is still not dry, but it becomes clear after it dries off. If the client asked you about the white glue, you can comfort them by telling them that it will be impossible to tell after it has dried. So far, I used size ten, but from now on, I will use size twelve since my client has long lashes and we can start using the long lashes a little sooner. The first stage of our work is now over. We will wait for a little for the glue to dry.

Keep in mind that it is much better not to attach false lashes to the edge of the lash line because it might stick to the lower lash line and make the work look ugly and uneven. Therefore, it is much better if you skip maybe two false lashes at the end. In the first phase of the work, we attached the false lashes across the lash line. In the second step, we want to use the second glue that we have. Ask the client to look up, and then apply the glue to the inside of the eyelids behind the lash line. This will increase the durability of our work and the false lash extension will last from two to three weeks. Just keep in mind that you cannot wash your face for twenty-four hours and each time you wash your face you should use a clean cloth to dry under the lash line.

We will do the same for the other eye. This concludes our tutorial for today. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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