How To: Faux Hawk Updo Chignon

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do a Faux hawk up-do chignon. This video was provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol beauty salon. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Faranak Kazemiha from Gol-E-Sorkh Beauty Salon. I’m a chignon expert and today I’m here with a Faux hawk up-do chignon. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

The chignon I’m going to show you today is a little different from the ones you usually see. This type of chignon is very suitable for older women. The side of the hair is tighter and sparse, but the top has more volume. These chignons which have gone viral in recent times also causes a slight lift on the eyebrows and eyes for people who have slight ptosis or wrinkles in the area.

For this type of chignon, separate hair on the top and give the sides less volume by pulling the hair back tightly. The top can be designed with lines, knots, twists, or boucle. I’ve separated the top, pulled the hair on the right side, and now will work on pulling the hair back on the left, and will start the chignon process after applying my styling spray. The left side is pulled back and fixed using a hairpin.

Since the hair on the side is pulled back tight, I’m going to add a bit of volume on the top. I’ve teased the hair already. For the back, you can design the hair as you prefer, but since the sides are pulled back tightly, the back and the top should be more prominent and that’s why I’m going to use boucle, but I’ll pull the layers out a bit as well. This is to integrate modern and classic works together.

We continue like this. Be careful not to go to the sides and focus the work on the middle and avoid covering the sides with hair. This type of chignon can also be done with braids. Meaning you can braid the sides or even the top as well. Continue creating your boucle across the hair. Boucle is a classic design, and when you pull the hair out a little, it makes it more modern. Remember the top must have a large volume for this chignon. Brush and untangle the hair completely before making your boucle. Wrap the hair around your finger by holding the hair between the two fingers and remember to pull the hair loose before using a hairpin.

This process of creating boucle continues until the end of the hair. As I said, how prominent and bulging the hair on the top looks depends on you. I will finish work and come back.

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