How To: Faux Hawk Updo With Braids

In this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to a Faux Hawk Updo chignon. Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Salon has provided us with this video. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi, and I’m a haircut and style expert. Today I want to show you a beautiful chignon.

What you will see here is a new chignon style, different from what you usually see and it’s called a Faux Hawk Updo chignon. The sides of the hair are cooped up and you will have a bun at the top. We’ve already talked about this chignon in another video using a different style, but today I want to teach you the same style using a braid. For this type of chignon, the sides must be completely pulled up on top. With this style, you will get a slight lift of the eyebrows and it’s also very suitable.
For people who don’t like to have hair on their face or on the side of their face. Add to that the popularity of this work, which is growing every day.

Pull up the hair on the side as I did. Leave the hair in front for now. Pull the hair on the other side of the face up as well and close the two layers on top in the form of a ponytail. Separate the part in front into three smaller parts. Go for a simple braid. Pull on small layers of hair to create lines on top and make this part of hair more prominent. Pull the parts of the braid completely.

When we’re done with the first braid, continue with it for the rest of the hair. Just do a simple triple braid. Do the braid first and then pull on the hair layers to loosen them up a bit. Pull and loosen the hair layers first, and then use styling spray. Use styling spray and hairpins to hold the layers you pull out in place. It’s better to add the hairpins in places where they are not very obvious.

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