Ombre Highlight Step-By-Step

In this tutorial, you will learn more about Ombre and its techniques.


Greetings. I am Maryam Ebrahimpour. I am a hairstyle, chignon, and hair formula expert and instructor. Today I am here with a tutorial about hair formulas. The technique I am going to show you today is an Ombre technique.

In this technique, we will tease the layers we separate and then apply the material to the hair. After rinsing the hair, you will see that there are unparalleled lines on the hair and it will not be easy to determine where the teasing has occurred. I will separate a part of the hair in tease it completely so only a thin layer of hair remains. Let’s apply some product to the foil wrap and put the hair layer on the foil wrap. Apply the product to the top of the layer and then throw the brush upward and then apply the product to the lower part of the hair layer as well. Now bend the foil and do the same for the other layers.

The thinner the layers are, the easier it is to bleach the hair and get the Ombre highlight you like. You can even keep the brush here or remove it. You can use the brush to hold the hair close to the root after teasing. Apply the material to the hair thoroughly. I can use the brush to hold the hair as you can see. Throw the brush upward to apply the material chaotically. I can also use foam wraps instead of foil wraps, which I have used in previous tutorial and does not make any difference. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you should bend and close the foil neatly. I can use the bottom of the brush to bend the foil. Bend the corners a little to keep the foils firmly in place.

I will continue the same way for the next layers. Again, separate another layer of hair and tease it. We can tease the hair upward until we reach the roots or we can leave in in the middle of the layer. You can even do both and tease some of the hair a little higher and some a little lower. This depends on your preference. The more we tease the hair, the less highlighted layers we will have. This layer is teased less than the previous one. Let’s apply the product to the hair, brush the teased hair away, and apply the product. I will continue like this until the end. For the areas on the front, our method depends on the client. We can only tease the hair a little close to the root or do the same as we did for the rest of the hair. Therefore, this depends on what the client prefers.

We can use many different colors for our dye but we should always consider the base color. Therefore, whatever color the natural hair has, we have to choose a color compatible for it. To dye this Ombre, we can use champagne, cream, or light caramel colors. If you want the color to be even lighter, you can use shelly colors. If you have a black background color, you can mix any color with the background. I will show you a sample of Ombre based on the background color and the colors, which are compatible with it so you will learn which colors are suitable for you Ombre depending on the base color you have.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers presented in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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