How To: Hair Colour Shampoo vs Dye Remover

Removers are used to clean deeply penetrated colours off the hair. They are available in both powder and liquid forms. It can be applied to easily remove colours such as black, deep red, henna and herbal dyes.
While shampoos are suitable for removing normal and superficial colours. It is made up of powder and 6% oxidant.
One more issue that might arise for many learners would be the hair frosting. As it is self-explanatory, frosting means ice and freezing which makes the hair have an icy look. Note that it is only applicable to natural black hair, not back dyed hair. However, it can be achieved on totally freeze-bleached hair too by applying black dye on individual strands of hair.


Hello everyone, I'm Bahri, a formula expert. Today we're gonna talk about something that so many learners have been asking for. and that is the difference between removers and chemical shampoos. so I must clarify that removers are used for deeply-penetrated colours. and it is available in forms of powder and liquid. deep colours are the ones such as black, wine, renewed copper colours, henna and organic herbal colours. while chemical shampoos are only used for normal and superficially treated colours. chemical shampoo, is made of powder and 6% oxidant which is not so strong. while for the removers, which is made of two separate liquids A and B, we must mix equal amounts of each together and apply on the hair. I have explained the details of preparing removers in a video which is available to watch on Rojelab website. the next issue is that you have asked to know what hair frosting is. as the name speaks for itself, frosting means freezing and gives an ice look to the hair. We can provide such hair frosting only for types of hair having a black background, which is only applicable on natural hair types. We can't apply an ice-looking frosting on black-dyed hair, unless the natural colour of the hair is black. or it could the other way round, it means if the hair is totally bleached to a frosting base in colour,we may put black dye on some strands of hair. so we can either apply frosting on individual strands of black natural hair or vice versa. that is called hair frosting. I do hope you have found this video informative. I'll be glad to see you in my classes. To enroll in our classes you can dial the provided numbers. Thanks for watching.

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