How To: Hair Balayage

In this video, we will show you how you can apply a push highlight using a brush and hair paddle. This video was provided by Mrs. Shima Mohammad Zadeh.


Greetings. I am Shima Mohammad Zadeh. I am a hairstylist and formula expert. Today, I am here with a tutorial on balayage for long hair. Please stay with me.

To balayage this long hair, I will use a balayage paddle. This paddle is my own brand, which you can acquire from me in my classes. I will show you how to work with a paddle in detail in this tutorial. Since I am working on synthetic hair here, I will not be able to show you the exact hair separations. I will separate a layer of hair from the topmost part of the crown so you can see more clearly.

I will use gimme-blond powder from CDC brand. I mixed my oxidant with my powder. You should make your mixture in a way that when you flip the bowl, the material does not fall off. This is our balayage paddle. The benefit of this paddle is that it will increase your speed and you will not need an assistant anymore to hold the foil wraps for you. Therefore, you can perform balayage, Ombre, or a classic light easily. It can also increase your accuracy since a layer of hair comes is put on the surface of the paddle. You apply the material across the whole hair. Meaning the material covers both the front and back of the hair layer. Therefore, no area of the hair layer is left uncovered.

I use my foil cutter to cut the foil layer as long as I need it. This machine cuts the foil and bends the border as well. I will put the bend under the paddle. Here, I want to show you a push highlight. It can be done in different ways. You can use different brushes to do different types of push highlights. I will use this brush for this hair. Keep in mind that the hair layer you choose should be very thin. To start the process, I will hold the layer from close to the tip. How close the highlight is to the roots depends on what the client wants.

Hold the hair close to the end, and put your third finger behind the spot where you want to do the highlight, which means you have locked the area. Tease the hair close to the roots in three moves. To prevent the teased layer from moving back down, use a hair clip to hold it in place. Put the top of the paddle under the hair layer and hold the bottom with your body. Put your thumb on the bottom of the hair layer for better control of the process. You can use the paddle to distribute the material all over the hair. The important factor is not to start applying the material starting close to the teased hair. Otherwise, you might cause spots on those parts and if the client likes to keep the original haircolor, you will have to perform color removal procedures later.

Start a few centimeters away from the teased hair and apply the material all over the hair. Pay attention to how I am applying the material. I use my brush to apply the material vertically, horizontally, and with cross movements. When you have applied the material to the middle and lower parts of the layer completely and when your brush is dry, you can start pushing the material towards the teased hair just a bit. This will give our highlight a very pleasant fading effect even on natural hair. Keep in mind not to apply the material to the teased hair because it will cause spotting. This is especially true if the client has natural hair and does not want to change the base color.

If your work looks dirty, you will have to perform a color removal later on. Bend your foil while still holding the paddle in your hand. Use the brush to bend the foil layer neatly and bend the top of the foil to lock it in place and prevent it from slipping down. We usually hold time with a clock. I will set the timer for twenty minutes and then check on the hair. If the hair is ready, I can remove the material and rinse. Otherwise, I can re-apply the material to the hair.

Thank you for watching this video. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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