How To: Balayage Long Hair

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to bleach hair using the Francesco method. This video was provided by Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Zhale Khodayar. I am the administration over at Matin Rooyan Beauty Institute. In this item, I want to talk to you about a balayage and bleaching method called Francesco. This method will help you reach your goal in the process with very little material and time. This method does not take more than five minutes to implement and during almost an hour, you can finish your bleaching and Ombre or Sombre highlight.

You have to tie the hair with a hairband for this process. Where you use the hairband to tie the hair is important. This will directly affect the result of the process. Whether you tie the hair in the back, on the top, or tie the hair in two different layers, will result in different types of highlight. This method includes almost twenty different techniques, which we cover completely in our classes.

I have tied the hair close to the forehead. You can do this two fingers away from the hairline, or you can tie the hair right on the hairline. Again, this will affect the result of the process. I will show you this at the end so you can see how easy it really is. This method requires the least amount of material, the least amount of time, and a higher level of expertise to implement. To implement the Francesco method it is important to make yourself comfortable with the techniques and methods, which are required.

For this process, it is much better to use black decoloring powder. However, we are using material and methods, which can turn any type of material from any brand into what we need for our work. One of our material is an accelerator, of which I will add a few drops to the mix. We add this material so we can use our most powerful oxidant and bleaching powder.

I used black bleach for this mix. Black bleach is a good help to a stylist whether you use a Francesco method, or any other methods using foil or foam wraps. This will help you generate your desired color tones for the highlight. We will add our product from the point where we have tied the hair. Black bleach does not require any special type of material. The only thing you need is the expertise to know how to turn your bleach into a black bleach mix or you can buy them from the market if they are available. This material is not yet well known and I am not sure if you can buy them off the market, however, in our classes we teach you how to turn your regular bleach into a black bleach.

I started in the front so you can see the process better, but for your client, it is better to start in the back to avoid getting the material on their face. The whole process of applying the bleaching material to the hair takes five minutes. If you use other methods, you will have to use close to fifty foil wraps to bleach this much hair. We can instead use this method without using any foil wraps and you can see how beautiful the result will look at the end of the process. We will teach you how to provide the best quality work with the least time and material and make your money from your knowledge. Hairstylists base their prices on the time and material they use for their work.

These techniques will help reduce the material and time you spend for the process. This method will help you reduce your prices and therefore satisfy your client better. I would love you to join our classes and learn these techniques so you can implement them in your work and get better results. Apply the product to the hair as I showed and then you can use infrared light to make the process faster. We had also added accelerators to our mixture. The hair will bleach in a short time and we can then dye the hair using dyeing shampoo.

As you can see, I put a foil on top of the hair to cover the other areas of the hair from bleaching material. I re-applied the product to areas of the hair layer where I thought we needed a bit more of the mixture. I will wait for the hair to bleach, and then I can rinse the hair and apply the dye. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. If you need more information or need a consult, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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