How To: PhiBrows Micro-Blading Step-By-Step

Nano-PhiBrows is a newly developed technique which is performed by the combination of micro-blading and micro-pigmentation. In this method, the strokes are drown as delicately as the one in Micro-blading and its durability will be just the same as the one made by Micro-pigmentation.
To get started, first try to make the designing with the aid of π number and the face shape. Determine the right ends of the brows according to the lips and the brow bone. Nano-PhiBrows needle is of highest quality and must be used only on one client.
After drawing the brow strokes, apply the colour mask. The mask is wiped off after 2-3 minutes, then begin re-drawing the strokes. The next step is performed using the Micro-pigmentation needle.

You can see a full instruction of Eyebrow tattoo in the tutorial below. To sign up for the classes provided by Ms Darya Hussaini, please contact us via the phone numbers.


Greetings, I'm Draya Hussaini. I'm a permanent make-up expert and stylist. Today we're gonna talk about the Nano-PhiBrows item. Nano-PhiBrows is,in fact, a new technique which is performed by the combination of micro-blading and micro-pigmentation. Its delicacy comes from the blading and its durability is a result of pigmentation. There's a big difference between Nano-needles and the normal pigmentation needles. Actually, the Nano-PhiBrows needles are much finer and thinner than the other types used for pigmentation. we'll be glad to have you watching this item. as I already told, we're about to perform a Nano-PhiBrows treatment here. As usual, the first step is designing a symmetry on the eyebrows. our design for this client will be according to the π number and the face shape. we'll try to make the two ends of brows to be along on a straight line with the lip ends. determine the 2,5,4 points according to the face shape and make the design based on them. you must wear gloves while drawing the design. as we are required to observe all the sanity procedures. but when you have finished designing, you can change your gloves. I believe the most important part in this treatment is the designing and symmetry process. So you better consider sufficient patience and precision during your work. put your hand under the brow bone and start drawing the line below the brow to determine the 4 point. make it slightly curved to adjust the distance between the eyes and brows. As you can see . I'm checking the symmetry by the application to eliminate any possible error in the design.

I wanna use fine golden PhiBrows needle for the treatment. now for the mixture of colours. first note that there's a mild red tattoo under her brows. so I'll try to mix some colours that eliminates the redness of her tattoo. I'll make the mixture based on her face colour. as there's already a light redness in her tattoo. I'll make a tone of colours which thins out the red colour of her current tattoo. I'll use a PhiBrows brown 2 . and a golden brown colour . and I'll use a PhiBrows line for this client. she's got a new sealed sanity package. and she's got her own personal needle holder. and the needles are used for only one client. The golden PhiBrows needles are much thinner than the other types available on the market. If you take a close look, you'll see how fine and delicate it is. and it is of premium quality as well. I'll draw the crown lines with the aid of the guide which would be the brow hairs.

As you see. If you try to insert the pigment in the uppermost layer of the skin (the epidermis layer). there won't be much bleeding, so it won't hurt the client much. also it will cause no damage to the hair root. That's a very important point during the treatment. even it won't make the pigment change in colour to olive or smoky. It's just enough to appear a thin layer of blood on the skin, as it has appeared right here. so she can't be feeling much pain on the brows. we'll spread the colour mask on the brow. In the first phase of the treatment, all the strokes that we have drown must appear in the brow once the mask is removed. we've made 80 percent of the total strokes in the first phase. after a 2-3-minute pause. We start wiping off the mask. as you see, tiny fine strokes are appearing in the brow. now we start re-drawing the strokes. we'll drawing the second phase of strokes. once we are done with drawing the strokes. start working with the micro-pigmentation tool.

I'll choose a 1.25 mm needle for the micro-pigmentation. which is a pretty thin needle. and helps you put thinner strokes. again apply the colour mask. so the brow moves back to its initial condition. and get it prepared to apply the pigment, then . fit the Nano-needle to the tool. once the mask is wiped off. the strokes become better visible to us. the pad is treated with cleansing material. now start the pigmentation. first adjust the tool to 180 speed mode. and choose the item '' brow '' on the tool. adjust the needle on the 1 position. and go ahead working. move the Nano-needle precisely on the previous strokes that we have made. the more precisely you move on the strokes, the better and finer result we'll get. This needs to be done gently and at a medium speed. in this method, your hands position and how much you stretch the skin matters a lot. It is crucial to deposit the pigment in the epidermis layer and not deeper.

After 2-3 minutes the last mask is also removed. As you can see,. fine and natural-looking strokes have been made in her eyebrow. also it looks thicker and more symmetrical. we'll work on this brow just the same way as we did for that one. As it is shown, . we're done with the left brow too. we'll do the final retouches on the brow. we'll do the last colour mask using a neutralizing colour. in the last step, we'll use the healing and stabilizing foam. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. For further questions and consultancy, you may dial the available numbers. see you later, good luck.

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