How To: Natural Homemade Oil For Nail’s Strength

If you’re looking to have strong healthy nails, you’re recommended to use castor oil. This particular natural oil can be applied to both natural and implanted nails.
To prepare this material, you are going to need two teaspoonfuls of sea salt, two spoonfuls of castor oil and two spoonfuls of wheatgerm oil. Mix the above mentioned substances well together and apply the mixture to the nail’s sides with a piece of cotton. This oil can be stored in a bottle with the lid on. Apply the material three times a week.


Hello everyone, I'm Dorsa from Rojelab webite, Today I'm gonna teach you how to make an oil which is amazing for nail's strength. both those who have false nails and those having natural nails can take advantage of this oil to have stronger nails. This type of oil can be used within 25 sessions and you can apply it to the nails three times a week. the materials we're gonna need for this special oil are two teaspoonfuls of crushed sea salt, two spoonfuls of castor oil and two spoonfuls of wheatgerm oil. let's name some benefits of castor oil, as we all know it's fantastic for skin care and has an essential function in cosmetics industry. it also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-inflammatory properties and a good treatment to corns and warts on the skin. In addition, when applied to the nails, it can remove broken pieces of skin developed around the nails . and about wheatgerm I can say it's loaded with vitamin A,D,E and B.

Wheatgerm oil has anti-inflammatory benefits and this one too helps remove the inflamed red broken pieces of skin from the nail edges. and finally the sea salt which is high in minerals including calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. now let's see how this oil is prepare, we'll mix all these material together. mix the sea salt, wheatgerm oil and the castor oil together. Then pick a piece of tissue, put some of the mixture to it and apply to the sides of the nail. cover the nail's sides fully with this material. as I already told you, It is beneficial for anyone who has false nails like mine, It strengthens the base of the natural nail and prevents inflammation. This mixture can be stored in a bottle with the lid on, apply this mixture to the nails three times a week and leave it on for five minutes before washing it off. well, I hope you will benefit this mixture to achieve healthy strong nails. see you in the next tutorial.

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