How To: Nano Steam Spray Gun Use Directions

The nano steam spray gun is in fact a hydrogenating device operating in 3.3 atm pressure, it turns water into 0.26 nm molecules. With the help of hot steam, it provides diffusion to first cuticle and then the cortex layer of hair having a 1 nm diameter.
This device is capable of enhancing the hair treatment durability. Furthermore, it helps eliminate the negative ions meaning that it provides hair cleansing too. Moreover, with the use of this device the hair is prepared for further make-up treatment.
Below you can find a tutorial of using this product in a proper way.

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Greetings to every one of you followers of Rojelab website. I'm Rosa Bahrami, the director of Flamingo beauty saloon. Today I'm gonna demonstrate to you how the Nano Steam Spray Gun works and how to use it properly. This device helps to the moisturizing process by turning the water into tiny 0.26 nm molecules on an operating pressure of 3.3 atm. and makes the molecules go through first the cuticle then the cortex layer of the hair in a depth of 1 nm. and also enhances the treatments durability with the help of heat. it eliminates the negative ions in the hair as well as cleansing and dirt removing. in addition to providing oxygen infusion to the hair follicle, it contributes to blood circulation in the scalp. and gets the follicle prepared to receive further treatments. very well, it's time give some tips on how to use this device accurately. the water tank can hold a maximum of 260 ml of water. but you better fill it with no more than 240 ml. and you must use boiled water because the water hydrogen passes through pretty tiny pores. so if the hardness of the water is not reduced, these pores will be blocked after a while and causes malfunction in the device.

One more thing is that we've seen some people using this device in an improper way. by twisting the hair while spraying the water molecules. as you might be already aware, the hair cuticle is grown outwards in 7 overlapped layers. so the proper use of the device is holding the hair in a 90 degree position to the face side. and the device is held along the hair forming a zero degree position. This way all the water molecules can diffuse in the cortex and cuticle layers of the hair. I do hope you've found this video useful to your needs. thanks for watching us, bye.

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