How To: Combined Chignong Hairstyle

In this tutorial, you will learn more about hairstyling and chignons. This video was provided by Mrs. Aghelnezhad.


Greetings. Today I want to show you a completely new chignon. This chignon is a combination of three different chignons including scale chignon, threads, and roses. Each one of these chignons can be used alone but we want to combine all of these designs on our mannequin head.

To start the process, we have to separate the hair first. So let’s start with the crown of the head, then the side of the ears. Again, the crown is separated into two parts. After separating the hair on the sides, we can use the remaining hair in the back for the base of our threaded chignon. We have to tease this part so we can use it as a prosthetic for the rest of the chignon. I tease this part thoroughly. For this model, we can use a synthetic prosthetic, or we can use natural hair.

To use the natural hair as a prosthetic, we have to tease the hair completely so we can use it as a prosthetic. We use a hard styling spray to harden the prosthetic. As I told you before, there are different types of styling sprays. You can use harder styling sprays for areas where you want the hair to stiff up a bit and the lighter ones for areas where you just want to style the hair a bit. There are also shine sprays, which we usually apply to the top of the hair.

Start on the side and create scales with the hair layers one by one. To have good scales we have to use a suitable spray for each layer and be careful how you style them with your hand. We will do the same for the next layer, apply some styling spray, and put it between the previous layers. As you can see, I put it right between the two previous layers. In the front, separate the hair above the arch of the eyebrows and continue the process like before. Keep in mind that we hold the layers from the bottom to form them.

Now we have to work on the front. Let’s separate a layer of hair and we’ll put this layer between the two previous layers as we did for the layer below. We put each new layer between the two previous layers. We start making our roses at the end of the layers. Because we want to add a few roses to the end of the layers. We have to form each layer using hair wax and hair iron so we can easily work with the layers in our hands. Although there are different ways to design these roses, and you can even use braided hair. There are three main methods to do this, which we will teach you in our classes.

As you can see, we started on the right, formed the scales, and did the same thing on the left. We formed the rest of the hair remaining from the layers using hair iron and styled them into roses. Now we have to work on the crown, which we have to decide how to style with attention to the front of the head. We could form it into scales, or lines, depending on the forehead of the client.

Let’s tease the top so we can add some volume to the hair and you can create lines on the top so they are compatible with the rest of the layers. For the bangs, take a layer of hair and push the lower part a bit so we can style it better any way we want. Brush the layer to the side and form it. We can create lines on the top so this part complements the rest of the design better. On the side, close to the front, we should form the hair into scales, put them between the two layers in the back, and leave the remaining part to design our roses.

At last, we form the remaining layers of hair into roses and we can do this wherever we see fit and we have hair remaining. This depends on the roses we have and the number of layers. Sometimes you might have more hair remaining from a layer and hence you could get a bigger rose, but whatever you do you should let the client know. For some layers which are too small for us to form into roses, we can braid two of them together to design our rose. This concludes our tutorial. If you want to join our classes, please contact us at the number in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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