How To: Linear Chignon Make-Up

Divide the hair from one ear to another and make the rest in a ponytail. Then place a prosthesis under the tail. Hold the hair beside the ears next to the ponytail and hold them fixed by hairpins.
Make strips of hair on the front part of the head and get them fixed beside the ponytail. You can hold the strips on the front raised by hairpins. The main design is made on the ponytail. First comb the ponytail well. Then pick two bunches of hair from the right and left side and hold them together in one place on the ponytail. Carry on doing this till the end of the ponytail.

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Hello everyone, I'm Jafariani the director of Simaye Mandegar institute and beauty saloon. Today we're gonna teach you a chignonstyle technique. we'll make a sheet chignon which is combined with a linear style. divide the hair from one ear to another like this one here. make the rest in a ponytail and hold it upwards and place a prosthesis under. Then get the front sections that we had separated near to the ponytail and tie it there. however, I've already made the one ear to another dividing here. I've tied the ponytail and placed a prosthesis under. pull the front parts toward the ponytail and hold it fixed there. so the strips look like as what they are here. the strips should be raised outwards at the beginning. We can hold the strips upwards using hairpins. and hold them fixed on the ponytail. I've hold the sides fixed under the ponytail too.

Now let's go to the main part of the make-up. the main part of the design is the ponytail. so I'm tidying it and tease it with a comb. apply some hairspray from 3 cm far. Then begin designing it. make strips of hair on the top. and hold them in place with hairpins. now I wanna make the sheet design. take bunches of hair from the right side. and comb it well. and place it on the ponytail and hold it with a hairpin. I'll do the very same thing on the left side too. and attach it to the one that I took from the right side. apply a little hairspray and hold them in place with a metal pin. again take further bunches of hair from the left and right side and keep going down on the ponytail. now remove the metal hair pins. very well, This tutorial is over now. To join our courses, dial the numbers provided.

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