How To: Classic Style Facial Make-up

Comparing with other trendy make-up styles, the classic style is a moderate but more popular make-up in which no unconventional design with too deep colour is used.
Generally, this aims to provide a more natural looking face as well as making colour balance and cohesion throughout the make-up. It is done in a way that the face flaws will be covered and it provides better attraction for all parts of the face without looking too unnatural.
Keep in mind that if a dark shadow is applied, you better use a lighter colour for the lips and rouge. Moreover, this style is more suitable to a bridal face than other trendy styles.
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Hello and welcome to Ghasemnejad beauty academy. you will see a classic facial make-up suitable for brides. Classic make-up is more popular among the women than other trendy styles. That's mainly because it uses much lighter colours for different parts of the face. The distinctive feature of this style is that it covers the flaws of the face without making it look too far from its natural appearance. We will be glad to see you in our classes in this academy.

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