How To: Eyelash Lifts Technique

Lifts and laminates generally aim to strengthen the eyelashes which includes keratin and vitamin treatment as well as supplements. For this purpose, first make the eyelid free of any dirt. Then brush the lashes till they are fully apart from each other. Separate the lower lid from upper lashes with the aid of a sticker.
Place a bigoudi (curler) on the back of the upper lid. You can choose the size of the curler depending on the lash length. Stick the lashes on the curler, using the same glue you applied to stick the curler on the lid, and keep them well apart.

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We're about to perform a laminate for this client along with lash dyeing and fortification. which includes keratin treatment and vitamins as well as supplements. First of all, cleanse the eyelid well. so it's free of any dirt and oil. Then straighten the eyelash hairs apart. using a hairbrush. This needs to be done very carefully. the eyelash hairs should be made thoroughly apart. separate the lower lash hairs from the upper one with a sticker. Due to the fact that, this client has long eyelashes. I'll use a large sized bigoudi ( hair curler ) . and put it on her eyelid. As I already said, since she has long eyelashes. I'll have to use a large curler. and stick it on the lid with a fully herbal glue. I've stuck the curler on the client's lid using that herbal glue. using the same glue, try to curl the lashes upwards and stick them straight apart from one another on the curler.

Apply the lifting material on top of the curler. and spread it all in the same direction on the lashes. Don't worry if this material touches the lashes roots. it's quite okay if it reaches the roots. the lifting material must stay on the lashes for at least 10 minutes. after ten minutes remove the lifting material ( which has made the lashes curly ) off the lashes. the material need to be thoroughly wiped off. not only doesn't this herbal material cause any damage to the roots. but also strengthens the lashes. after the treatment the clients can use mascara. they can wash their faces and can lie their heads in every position. they can even go swimming without damaging the make-up. Durability of eyelash lift and laminate is 2 to 3 months. We will spread the laminating substance on the lashes by dabbing the pen . in the same direction from the middle part of the bigoudi upto the edge of lashes. This substance too must remain on the lash for 10 minutes. But this one shouldn't reach the lashes roots.

Laminating substances may make the eyelashes coarse and bushy. now wipe the substance thoroughly off the lashes. Then apply the dye. cover the lashes with dye and let it stay for 15 minutes. now remove the dye off the lashes. and then start the lashes keratin treatment. We are applying the lash fortifying and keratin oil . on the client's eyelash. which will make the lash stronger. after applying the fortifying substance. you must not make the lashes wet for 24 hours. so the substance is thoroughly absorbed in the lashes. you can wash it after 24 hours. you can even go swimming or put mascara on it. but you must not do it within 24 hours.

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