How To: Wavy Chignon Style Step-By-Step

To get started, divide the hair from one ear to another. Then split the hair on the back into two parts.
The chignon making starts from the crown part of the head. Place a prosthesis on the back and twist the hair around it.
For a wavy chignon, it’s better to make a diagonal parting on the front. First brush the hair well and separate a section of it. Apply the hair cream and try to make several lines in it. Then clip the separated section on the back.

Below you can watch a video containing a full instruction of this technique. To sign up for classes presented by Ms. Parvaneh Habibi, please dial the numbers provided.


Greetings to every one of you followers, I'm Parvaneh Habibi. Today, I'm about to show you a new chignon technique. what you're about to see is a low-bun wavy chignon. which best fits the brides who care about their beauty a lot. many have asked me about the hair division in wavy chignon. and they are not able to get the hair bunches past through each other. we're gonna answer all these questions in this item. the initial dividing includes separating from one ear to another. divide the hair from ear to ear. This is the initial division. also split the hair into 2 parts on the back. leave the upper part aside and clip up the hair on the bottom. the bottom part is tightly clipped. If we use a grip, the hair will be held all in one place and we won't be able to work on it properly, so I'll use a pin to make it into a flat layer. put the hairpins tightly, we have nothing to do with this part for now.

We'll start the procedure from the top part on the head. after putting the hairpins, place a prosthesis here. tighten the prosthesis on the head. If the hair is thick and bushy enough, we can make a prosthesis with the hair itself. after placing the prosthesis, twist the hair around it. We need this layer of hair merely to make the hair puffy on the back. If we had tied it with a grip, it wouldn't become a flat layer like this. now tie the free end of the hair with a pin on top of the prosthesis. we're done with the bottom part of the head. the primary part of our work in chignon begins from now on. the waves that we create will sit on this prosthesis. try to make hair stripes here. put two hairpins on both sides to hold this layer fixed in place. and pull out 2-3 small bunches of hair to form the lines on the surface. We can hold them stay up with the help of pins and hairspray. apply the spray and shape the hair. We better keep the lines apart to be more noticeable.

Don't bring them too close to each other. in order to prevent the lines from collapsing on the head, you can attach them each to the prosthesis beneath. you can also attach two of them together to the prosthesis. If you don't attach it to the prosthesis, the line will fall on the head. we're done with this part too. generally the process of this chignon is in a way that after completing the bottom, we continue from the front part. determine the parting on the front, but it usually looks prettier if you make a diagonal parting. I mean it looks way better on this typical chignon style. now we'll start divide the diagonal parting on the front. I'll take the chance to teach an up-do model while I'm working on the front. an up-do which is somewhat complicated and not too simple. brush the hair thoroughly. divide a bunch of hair while leaving the parting diagonal. separate a section of hair. like this. brush it well then apply the hair cream.

Apply a bit of hair cream. look closely at the way I'm holding the hair. I'm pulling the hair backwards. make several stripes. For here you can make as many stripes as you'd like. and hold them all in place with a hairpin. look carefully at where I've put the pin. it's exactly on the back. let's tidy the hair stripes a bit before going on to the next step. when we're done in this part, separate another bunch from here. brush well, apply a bit of hair cream. when the hair becomes thoroughly smooth, shape the hair and pull it a little . so the face is slightly covered by hair. and tie it on the previous pin. as you can see. cover the previous pin with this layer. now for the next bunch, we'll do the same but if you feel the hair is too thick here, you can split it into 2 parts. but if it's not, take it as a single bunch. brush it and apply a little cream. brush it again. pull it enough. it matters a lot how we should hold the hair. we'll hold it tightly behind the previous layer.

Now let's put some spray and smooth the frizzes on the hair. now we'll take the next bunch which is from the hair we left aside at the beginning. now what we should do with this hair is both cover the prosthesis and make waves with it. I mean we should make a wider diagonal. like this. shape it into a layer to thoroughly cover the prosthesis. and make the wavy figure as well. make sure the hair pieces are at the right place before applying the hairspray. once you have applied the spray, you can't make changes to the hair position. so we started making waves from the front part. smooth the frizz on the hair. now here's one more flat bunch of hair. again pull the hair outwards a bit and try to make it into shape. clip it up with a pin. don't forget to put it at the exactly right place before applying the spray. here's why so many artists find the hair frizzy, they try to change the hair position after applying the spray. it makes the chignon become dirty as well. now its position is fixed, so we'll apply the spray. you should also apply small amount of spray, otherwise excessive spraying makes the hair too sticky as well as spoiling the natural form of it. This one is left from the bottom bunch at the beginning, try to hide it under the other parts if it's too short to work with. so we're finished with the bottom part. This one is what is left from the wavy section. This too is not long enough to make a design with, so we'll pull it to sit beside the other parts, then clip it up with a pin. but before that, we should separate and brush a section from the layer beneath. try to make the waves, like this. and get it passed over the previous wave section. apply the spray. now for the next, just go on pulling out hair bunches and make waves. many guys on the Instagram have asked me about the way to divide the hair and waves. I've explained the hair division and waves creation in details.

So I'll be back after completing the make-up. very well, we're done with this chignon item. the main purpose of this item was to teach the correct way to divide the hair for a wavy chignon. using this technique, you're able to adjust the number of waves on the chignon depending on the client's hair thickness. the thinner the hair is, the fewer the waves would be. We can easily use hair extensions for this chignon model. hair extensions can be easily set on this certain style. I hope you've found this video useful for your needs. I look forward to meeting you in my both personal and group classes.

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