Introducing Q-Switch Laser Therapy

In this tutorial, we talk about Q-Switch laser therapy and its application. This video was provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To join our classes, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings to all of you watching us on Today I am here with special news for any of you looking to remove your tattoos for any reason. This tattoo can be on your face or your body. It can be any pigmentation defect like spots or acne or a birthmark.

We perform this operation using the Q-Switch laser, which is the latest cosmetic and medical laser device available in the world. About how the device works, I can say that this device creates powerful energy pulses in a fraction of a second turns the hyper-pigments created on the skin or external pigments injected to the skin into micro-molecules. These micro-molecules are created so the immune system can then devour them and dissolve those using enzymes that they carry. These Macrophage molecules are carcass-eating molecules, which are responsible for dissolving the dead cells inside the human body and skin and sometimes ejects them from the surface of the Epidermis.

Our goal with this video is to answer some of your questions. Most of you ask us how long this process will take and we answer that it could take anywhere from one to five sessions. How long this process takes depends on your skin type, and how active your Microphage molecules are, which determines how long they will take to absorb the dead molecules. Therefore, it depends on your skin type as well as the pigmentation used to do the tattoos. The more unified the pigmentations used in the tattoos are, the easier it is to remove them.

Some of you ask why the color changes on your tattoo after Q-Switch laser sessions. Since we do not know what the color mixture was that the tattoo artist used or your tattoo, and since there could be multiple colors used, you might experience color changes after the operation and removing them will be harder as well. Another question you often ask is why there are white spots on the areas where the laser operation was performed and whether this whiteness will go away. You can be sure that the whiteness will go away after a while. The purpose of such an operation is for you to have your natural skin color not have some white skin defect instead.

The whiteness is because sometimes we use a higher temperature for the laser to remove the pigments and.
This temperature can evaporate the water from the tissue and the evaporated liquid causes the white color. This white color will go away after one or two hours and the problem will be solved. For those of you who are worried about the side effects or dangers of this process. I want you to know that we understand your concern and there is nothing to be worried about and the noises you might sometimes hear during the operation is the result of light subversion which is natural in this type of laser therapy.

For those of you who refer to use to remove an eyelash pigmentation, there are no dangers to your eyesight or eyes and anything that would concern you or put you in danger puts us in danger. Some of you ask about hollow areas or scars on the skin. You should know that there might be a small scar on the surface after the operation on sensitive skin types, which is natural, but there will not be any hollow areas on the skin. If you refer to the technicians on time, which is one to one and a half months periods, and take good care of yourself at home, there will be no side effects or dangers at all.

About the homecare after the operation, you must know that there might be inflammation in the areas where the laser treatment was applied. This usually goes away after one to two hours, but it could take up to 24 hours. It could more severe for people with sensitive skin types. It is much better if you avoid taking showers for two to three days, avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreens and restoration creams and hopefully there will be no problems and you’ll have your natural skin color back.

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