Introducing Permanent Cream Powders

In this tutorial, we talk about permanent cream powder. This tutorial was provided by AFA Cosmetic Clinic. To book our service, please contact us at 09121962430.


Greetings from AFA Cosmetic Clinic. Today I want to answer some of your questions regarding permanent cream powders. This is a method, which has been introduced to the market very recently. This technique is done using a needling device and mesowhite serums, which you might have already seen in different color spectrums. All and all this method can harden, and lift your skin and reduce the effects of aging. It can also make your skin two to three degrees lighter and unified.

Today we try to answer some of your questions. Some of you had asked if this method could cause spots on the skin or cause color changes. These questions are often because these material containers are very similar to skin color used during pigmentation. These are two separate techniques and the material are completely separate, even though they might look similar on the surface.

When you perform a micro-pigmentation process on your lips, eyebrows, or any other area of your face, you might notice the color changes after a while and you might be thinking the same thing could happen in this process and the color change could cause problems in the long run. This will not happen since mesowhite material is not pigmentation colors, but organic, plant-based, and chemical skin lightening products and that is why the same issue you have with pigmentations will not happen with this method. In high-quality brands, only organic material is used instead of chemical. These compounds are completely harmless and they include niacin, polyamides, and albutein which are very safe.

One of the advantages of this method is that it is painless and the fact that it removes free radicals, which are responsible for much of the skin issues people face. Other advantages include an increase in melatonin generation, reducing wrinkles, collagen generation, and hardening the skin. On the subject of duration of the process, it could take anywhere from one to four sessions for people with different skin types.

The results could last up to eight or ten months. However, all this depends on your skin type. For those of you who had asked if this method could work on people with darker skins or skin with acne. For those of you with severe acne, you should know that this method can help reduce acne but if you have severe acne,
We recommend you reduce it beforehand using another form of treatment and then use this method as a complementary method.

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