How To: Eyelash Lift & Laminate Step-By-Step

Before we go through the lifting process, make sure the lashes are free of any make-up and impurities. Also cover the lower lashes with a paper tape.
Note that the size of the bigoudi (curler) is determined based on the clients eye shape. In the next step, apply the lift glue on the bigoudi and stick the lashes to ti.
Lifting is a wonderful technique to enhance the strength of natural lash. You can see a full instruction of lift & laminate in the video below.

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Hello everyone, I'm Maryam Sadoogh. I'm an eyelash extension expert. with over 10 years of experience in this field. Today we're gonna teach you the eyelash lifting &. laminating technique. Dear pals, let's get started. firstly, the lashes must be fully dry and free of any make-up. the treatment is performed in 3 stages. the first step would be shaping, the second would be keratin and colour treatment. and the third would be the last one in which we are finished with the make-up. first, we must cover the area under the lower eyelash with a piece of tape. I'm using a paper tape and also stretch and hold the brows a little upwards. note that we must use a suitable bigoudi (curler) according to the eye size. there small, medium and large sized bigoudis. Be careful not to make the lashes stuck to the glue that is used to attach the bigoudi.

So that all the lashes stand upright in a uniform position. the next step is lying the lashes back on the bigoudi with the lifting glue. you can also use the lifting brush for that. Lifting &. laminating contributes to the regrowth of eyelashes as well as the tiny lashes. it also helps improve the strength of tiny thin lashes. after several sessions of laminating, the lashes become stronger. It's a kind of treatment method for those who have done eyelash extension. and it has caused them to lose some lashes. once we have attached the lashes thoroughly to the bigoudi. we'll start spreading the number 1 substance on the lashes with a swab. now I've spread the number 1 substance on the lashes. after several minutes waiting, we will begin the second stage.

Pals, the first phase of the treatment is fulfilled. now we shall remove the substances thoroughly off the lashes. Then we apply the number 2 substance on the lashes. Then again we'll have a few minutes waiting. after that the number 2 substance is removed, then we will begin the third phase of the treatment. By the way, in the second phase. We shall cover the lashes by the number 2 substance. and let it settle on the lashes before we go to the third phase. Note that we must apply the substance evenly on the lashes from the roots to the edges. Then cover it all over the area. Dear pals, the second phase is accomplished too. so far we've done the lashes lifting. the third phase would be laminating or dyeing the lashes. in which the substance is applied and remained on the lashes for several minutes. Then the rest of the treatment is carried out.

Now in the third phase. apply the dye uniformly on the lashes from the roots upto the edges. the third phase of the treatment is done as well. which was eyelash laminating or dyeing. now remove the substance off the lashes and get prepared for the final step. the final step includes . eyelash botox which is also named keratin treatment. We let it stay on the lashes for about 10 minutes after applying the material. and after that we are all done with our job here. Dear pals, we are finished with this item. after we have removed the material off the lashes. we'll detach the bigoudi gently from the lids. but before that, we have to get the lashes off the bigoudi with tweezers. so that they won't come off the lid. Dear pals, you can see the remarkable difference in the eyes before and after the treatment in the video. you must advise your client not to contact the eyes with water within 12 hours after the treatment. so that the keratin is better absorbed. If anyone is keen to learn this profession. they may attend our classes by contacting us via Rojelab website or the available numbers.

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