How To: Do’s And Don’ts in Lip Micro-pigmentation

Lip is considered one of the most fragile organs in the body which consists of many neuralgic cells. Thus, the lip micro-pigmentation treatment requires extreme care. The clients had better take herpes before the treatment.

To get started, first make the primary design using a drawing pencil according to the lips shapes. After the completion of lip lines, begin implanting the pigments from the upper lip.
Note that, excessive implants of the pigments might lead to damage on the lip skin.

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Hello everyone, I'm Darya Hussaini from PhiBrows and PMU academy. the vocational instructor and expert. Today, we're gonna talk about lips micro-pigmentation. Never mess up with lips tattooing. cause so many make-up lovers don't have sufficient information about the lips structure. and mistakenly believe that putting more pressure on the lips will lead to a better absorption of colour. whereas it's not true at all. apart from the fact that the lip is a highly sensitive organ containing many neuralgic cells. the lip skin is made up of much fewer layers than that of brows or face. thus, you ought to work gently and softly on the lip skin. the clients had better take anti cold sore pills every 8 hours for 5-8 days before the treatment. in addition, use Vitamin A ointment as well as herpes cream after treatment. one more thing to point out is that you must use premium quality colour pigments. so that the client skin won't response allergically.

If the lips tissues give an allergic reaction to the pigment. it won't be easily recovered. It might need a surgery to remove the pigment out of the lips. so keep in mind that you must be so much careful during this treatment. no more colour is absorbed if you press your hand harder on the lip. so it's better to press less hard on the lip. and also use a 3 power needle. you may fill on the lips (the bigger areas) using a 5 or 7 power needle. never use a flat power needle cause it makes too many ruptures on the lip. lip infection is not just due to using unhygienic material. excessive disrupt of the layers might also cause infection. keep watching us in this video, I hope you will find informative tips for your needs.

As you see here, this client has a previously made tattoo on the lips. which has been performed quite recklessly. it has spread out of the lips and is fully asymmetrical . and also the space between the upper lip and the line is left unfilled. now we are making the symmetry. determine the zero point. draw the line from point 1 to 2, 3 to 4. 5 to 6, 7 to 8. the point 10, 11 and 12 is determined as well. we'll make the retouches and then check it in the symmetry app. As it is shown, this app helps us carefully check the symmetry of the lip lines. This shows the lips middle. we'll use a 3 power needle for pigmentation. put the device on the lip mode and adjust it to the speed of 200. the needle is a 3 power.

And it is the upper lip where we begin drawing from. hold the lip still and first gently put dots of colours. Then put colour line. now start to draw the line next to this one. note that we shouldn't draw straight from one corner to another. by the first round we have inserted the colour pigment, the design line appears on the upper lip. complete the lip line before filling the rest of areas on the lip. also be careful not to repeat the the drawing too many times, otherwise it might damage the lip skin. continue drawing downwards from the top towards the corners. to make the lip look more embossed, you can use 3 or 4 different colours. actually the difference between lighter and darker colours, makes it look embossed. as you move your hand gently from the corners toward the lip the colour becomes darker. Dear pals, we are all done with this item. I do hope you have enjoyed watching this video. If there's any question, you can ask by dialing the phone numbers. see you soon later.

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