How To: Haircut Using Trimmers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use electrical trimmers to cut hair ends. Before everything, the hair must be rinsed first. Keep in mind that you should leave it slightly moist (not soaking wet) so that the layers can be held still in place.
Comb the hair well before starting to trim. Note that the trimmer must be facing the client’s body while working. You can watch the full procedure in the video below. To reserve a seat in the training courses in Faranak Beauty Salon, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, I'm Mojgan Beizavi, a hairdresser with 30 years of experience in this field. Today, i'm gonna show you how to trim hair ends using trimming Mozers. you will also learn how to use this device properly. the first thing is that the hair must be clean and slightly wet but not soaking wet, it should be just moist enough so that it won't be displaced. comb the hair softly in the direction of its natural growth. For this client, we're only gonna smooth out the hair ends by trimming it in the bottom. while trimming, we have to hold the trimmer facing the hair so that we can cut the hair in a straight line.

You can also leave a trimming mark at the end of the hair layers if the clients asks for it. It's better to do this technique for thin hair because it makes it look thicker. that's because the hair is heavier at the bottom which adds more volume to the hair with that technique. make sure the comb is not tilted at an angle while holding it in the hair. otherwise, the hair ends won't be smoothly cut and will be longer at one place and shorter at another. I teach the full procedures of haircut in my training courses. by attending these courses, you can become officially a hairdresser and take on clients. I look forward to meeting you in person soon, Good Luck.

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