How To: Permanent Cream Powder Treatment

The permanent cream powder treatment is applicable to dry, oily and soft skins. This treatment contributes to the collagen making process as well as making the skin look three shades brighter.
To get started, apply some material to the face and take a rotary device suitable for the skin to help it absorb the material.
Below, you can watch a video containing a full instruction of this treatment. To enroll in the classes presented by the Sheidaee beauty group, please dial the numbers provided.


Hello, I'm from Sheidaee beauty group, Today we're gonna show you how to use the permanent cream powder. As many have been asking, this treatment is suitable for soft and oily and dry skins. It also best fits the skins with open pores on the surface. they also have asked to know about the function of permanent cream powder. It, in deed, helps to create collagen in the skin. and makes the skin a few shades brighter. therefore, a brighter skin is achieved through this treatment as well as collagen generation and providing new cells. after placing the cream powder on the face, we'll pick the device with as many needles as it's suitable for the skin type. and adjust the device rotation speed and the needle penetration before beginning the process. before going through the main process, we better make a suitable foundation on the face which would be cleansing it thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide.

Don't forget to apply the required masks and scrubbing to the face in advance to get it cleansed. Then you may begin the main process with the cream powder. people with sunburn spots on the face or those taking cortone meds may better avoid having this treatment. I've been asked if it's a painful treatment, Actually It's not, but we could use numbing material while I suggest you not to numb the skin for this treatment. there are two things to keep in mind during this treatment, move the device from outside towards inside while you're underneath the eyes and from inside towards outside while you're on the cheeks. This action could help remove the face wrinkles through the collagen making process in the presence of the material used. you better receive this treatment 5-6 times with 10-15 days intervals. and it will last for 8-12 months depending on how well you keep it.

It doesn't much intensive post-treatment care, you better avoid making it wet for 48 hours from the treatment. and try not to be in the sun or use a sunscreen if you have to. I hope you've found this video informative. To sign up for classes in Sheidaee beauty group, please dial the numbers provided.

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