How To: Eyelash Lift & Lamination

In this brief video, we will introduce you to eyelash lift and laminations as methods you could use to style your lashes. This video was provided by Mrs. Farzane Alizade.


Eyelash lift and lamination are two different techniques to form and style eyelashes. Using these techniques, we can add volume and length to the eyelashes. Aside from this, the eyelashes will look darker and look beautifully formed. If you want to have beautiful eyelashes, or use mascara and other products constantly and are worried about the side effects,
We recommend you give eyelash lift and lamination a chance.

These methods can help you preserve well-styled and beautiful eyelashes for extended periods and you will not have to spend your time applying makeup to your eyelashes. To join classes by Mrs. Farzane Alizade, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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