Introducing Instant Highlight Hair Extensions

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to instant highlight extensions. This video was provided by Faranak Beauty Salon.


Greetings. I am Mozhgan Beizavi from Faranak Beauty Salon. Today I want to talk to you about highlight extensions.

Before attaching the highlight extension, we must first determine the exact direction of the split section on the crown of the hair, because the hair highlight extensions should be attached to the center of the head at the top. If the grain on the hair or hair split section is for example to the right, then we should split the hair, straighten it and then start attaching the hair extensions. In the front, if the bangs are styled differently, then you have to start attaching the extensions two centimeters behind the bangs or hair growth line and the last hairextension is attached at the center-top of the head where the split section ends.

So we should make sure of our measurements before we begin. The instant highlight extensions are usually attached with one to one and a half centimeter spaces between them. We usually attach up to five of these extensions for each person, although this depends on the size of the head. Since my model has does not want the extensions on her bangs, I will separate these layers and put them aside. Now let’s separate the layer on which we want to attach the extensions. The layer you separate must be very thin. Use a cover to make sure other hair strands are not attached to the extension and avoid tangling the hair.

Attach a hair clip on top of the cover to fix it. Instant highlight extensions use a special type of knot and we should always make sure to use these. Otherwise, the instant colorextension will detach from the hair and move down. If you look closely, you can see how clean and delicate the knots are without engaging other hair strands. As you can see, they are fixed tightly in place and will not move down even if I pull on them because we used the correct way to attach them using the special knots. The client will be able to take showers, brush their hair, chignon them, dye them, or style them any way they like.

The client cannot detach these extensions herself. Instead, they will refer to us and we will detach it for them. It gives your hair a special beauty and you can choose the colors based on the color of your hair to compliment it. Thank you and goodbye.

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