How To: Handy Tips on Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow Lift, also commonly known as eyebrow lamination, is a beauty treatment which helps to keeps your brows looking stunning and healthy. For unruly eyebrows that hold into different directions, the brow lamination procedure will help to shape them in the right direction, soften and smooth over the eyebrow hair. By using the correct technique that is taught at a brow lamination training, you can also hide gaps and create the impression of bushier eyebrows or extend them sideways. Below, you can watch a comprehensive instruction of how its procedure is carried out.
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Hello everyone, I'm Shirin Ramezan, a certified beauty instructor from Russian Academies. Today I'm gonna show you a brow lamination (eyebrow lift) item. To begin, first use a micro brush to tidy the brow hairs. Then apply the cleanser to fully prep the brows for treatment. eyebrow lift is best for those with long bushy brows wishing to have Hollywood style hachured eyebrows. what happens in this procedure is that after a while from your eyebrow renewal, you're brows will tend to grow upwards. that's because the muscles lying under the eyebrows will decide in which direction the hair grows. thus, when your eyebrows lift is renewed, apart from holding a hachured effect, you will also realize the upward growth of your eyebrows after a while. the lift adhesive is applied like this. eyebrow hairs are then lifted upwards. another benefit of eyebrow lift is those short individual pieces of hair, growing at both top and bottom of the brows, will blend into the main eyebrow hairs over time.

Therefore, it makes the brows look wider. and you will no longer need to have them plucked. it does matter how the brows are lifted, cause it fairly affects the face look. the materials we use such as the adhesive, will all have a significant effect on the result achieved. we've always used premium quality material in our beauty salon, in addition, we apply fortifying material as well as providing eyebrow botox treatment. in some certain parts, we have to make a few pauses for a few minutes while the brows form into their shape. now we'll apply the first eyebrow conditioner. using high-grade material and proper application of them is of utmost importance in eyebrow lift procedure. I've heard many cases that the clients are afraid to have brow lifts because they've had some burn marks on their brows after the treatment.

There are some tips, whether about the quality of the substances or the way they are applied, that are highly effective in getting a desirable result. in our training courses, you will learn the proper application of the substances and how to make necessary pauses in each step. generally this task demands its own carefulness and there are some crucial hints on eyebrow lift procedure. now depending on the type of eyebrow, we need to leave the material on for 20 minutes. we'll go on to the next step in 20 minutes. well, I'll now wipe the conditioning material off the brows. move the pad in the same direction as the brows were lifted. in the next step, apply the fixing material uniformly to the brows. note that this material must have hydrating qualities to the skin.

This fixing material that I'm using provides enough moisture. there also some tips concerning dying the brows before or after lifting. which we fully explain in our instruction courses. as you already know, there is usually fortifying keratin material used in eyebrow lifting treatment, so we provide our clients with an exhaustive description of brow lift benefits. well, we've now applied the fixing material, we will now let it stay for 10 minutes. now I'm gonna remove the fixing material off the brows. next step is applying the fortifying and hydrating material to the brows. well, we're now all done with this lifting treatment, as you see the result is quite awesome. and the brow hairs are entirely stretched and raised upwards. To attend our instruction courses, you can dial the phone numbers provided.

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