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فرزانه علیزاده یکی از متخصصان اکستنشن مژه و لیفت ابرو و مژه هستند.


Hello everyone, This is Farzaneh Alizade, a beauty expert and instructor specializing in eyebrow lifts and eyelash extensions. In this tutorial, I'm gonna be showing you how to do an eyebrow lift, so stay tuned with us. well, this is the client who we're gonna do an eyebrow lift for, I'll come up with more details for you during the treatment so you can see how it's done. first I want to show the natural conditions of her brows. This is what her eyebrow growth is, even when I sweep my finger over the brow hairs, it keeps its natural look. as you see, the hairs at the beginning are lying to one side, and those on the tail part are lying downwards. so what we do in eyebrow lift is pull the hairs to stand upwards. just like this. This will bring out the eyes to be more accentuated and therefore, it will help you achieve a way more attractive face.

There are some people who mistake this treatment for that eyebrow/forehead lift surgery in which the surgeon lifts the tail of brows. while that's not what we do here, but in this treatment, which is highly popular, we only work on eyebrow hairs, giving a natural-looking effect to the face. it's known also as Hollywood eyebrows to some people. Do observe the treatment hygiene both for the client and your own hands before everything. This client's brows have already been cleansed, yet for further sanitation, I'll use a cleansing pad. I'll now brush the hairs upwards to give them the shape of the desire. be careful while brushing the hairs upwards to make them stand evenly close to each other. in this step, I'll apply the fixing gel to the hairs to make them stand firmly upwards.

Then, I'll move on to add the lifting material. I'm applying material number 1 which serves as a conditioner, remember that it's crucial that it be applied to both brows simultaneously. and keep in mind that the amount of material to be used will be different from every hair type to another. cover the hairs on both brows with the material, then wait for a few minutes. now remove the material off the brows, afterwards, apply the material number 2 to the brows and again give it a few minutes pause. and finally remove the material off. there are some product brands which include the material number 3, if not, you can make use of any foaming vitamin cleanser for this final step.

Again brush the eyebrow hairs upwards, you can also trim them based on your client's desire. there are also some women who prefer to leave them brushed upwards. anyway, you can just leave the brows to be in that position, afterwards, you can use eyebrow gel or katira gel to secure the eyebrows in place. well, we're now done with this eyebrow treatment item. If you're interested in learning various make-up techniques, you can attend in our training courses in which we provide full instructions on each technique. I hope you can apply what you've learned in this tutorial to your make-up needs. as eyebrow lift is growing rapidly in popularity. so keep up with our next tutorials to receive further advice on the latest make-up methods. don't forget to get into touch with us through our Instagram page named: FarzanehAlizade_Academy. wish you the best, Good Luck.

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