How To: Tips For Hair Highlight Using Foil Strips

In the hairdressing world, foils are commonly used to add highlights to a client's hair. Section off the hair that you wish to colour at the bottom (closer to the neck) and then work your way towards the front (forehead). Dividing that hair into smaller bundles will give you more control over the process. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to select which pieces you will dye. Place the foil underneath the section of hair you're going to apply the dye to. Make sure to thoroughly coat the hair.


Hello good day everyone, Today I'm here to teach you how to highlight hair using foils. stay tuned with us. To begin, I'll start sectioning the hair and grab a layer in the back. Then use the end of the comb to select tiny bunches of the hair out of this layer. and place what I have selected on a foil strip. after I've placed the foil strip under the selected bunch, I'll start applying the colourant. cover the layer thoroughly in colourant. Then wrap up the foil strip.

Well, I've wrapped up the first foil, now I'll repeat the same steps until I reach the top of head. how many hair section you should dye will depend on your client's taste. you can either highlight half the entire hair so that it is a 50% highlight or apply colourant to more sections of hair which gives you a highlight with a higher percentage.

On the front part, we can choose which side to roll the foils to based on where the client's parting is. they might have a side-seep or a middle parting or even have no parting. therefore, we'll have to consider the client's parting as well as their taste in choosing how to wrap up the foils. well, we're now done with this item. To attend our instruction courses or receive our beauty services, please dial the numbers provided. Good Luck.

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