How To: Paraffin Treatment Step-By-Step

Paraffin treatment is a form of deep heat therapy in which warm oil-based wax is used to provide pain relief to hands, feet and sore joints and muscles. You can do a warm paraffin treatment at home with a small appliance and special paraffin designed for this purpose, or you can have it done at a salon.
Here’s how it’s done:
First, cleanse the feet thoroughly using a strong foot cream scrub. Then, put some of the specifically used oil on your palm and start massaging all over the feet gently. Next, immerse the feet in the paraffin bath for a few seconds and take it out, repeat this action three times. Afterwards, wrap a plastic bag around the feet, then finally place them in the electric heating pad. Remember that the feet must not be rinsed for two hours after the treatment.


Hello everyone, This is Farnaz Moradi, the pedicure expert in Kimai Beauty Institute. Having six years of experience in skin care treatments, I'm here today with a paraffin treatment item for you guys, so stay tuned. well, the first thing to do is deep cleanse the feet using a cream foot scrub. now I'll grease the foot with oil. dip the foot three times into the paraffin bath. now I'll place the feet in the electric heating pad. now I'll remove the plastic bag, as you see it's become two shades brighter. you shouldn't rinse the feet for two hours. well, we're now done with this paraffin treatment, I hope you've found it useful. To join our instruction courses in Kimia Beauty Institute, please dial the phone numbers available.

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