How To: Fara ( Layered ) Haircut Tutorial

To get started, divide the hair into four different parts including the front, the crown and the back and then secure them in place using hair clip.
We are supposed to consider the client’s wish on how short the hair should be trimmed, afterwards, we may know whether to hold the hand diagonally or at a zero degree angle.
In order to reserve a seat in the instruction courses in Soorati beauty salon, you can dial the phone numbers provided.


Hello everyone, I'm a hair stylist from Soorati beauty salon. Today I'm gonna teach you a layered haircut, so stay tuned with us to enjoy watching. First, I've divide the hair into four sections. the hair from one ear to another across the head includes the front part and the bottom part includes the semi-circle in the back. about the length, we have to consider how short the client wants it to be, however in layered style, the standard is usually shoulder length hair. To trim the first bunch of hair, we usually start cutting at a zero angle. I must say again that you need to consider the client's wish to how short it shall be cut. We can cut straight if the client likes it to be so, otherwise we can cut diagonally like this one here. Then grab a bunch from the top, for this section, we start cutting at a 60 degree angle.

It means you have to hold your hand a bit higher than the previous time. If the client wishes to have the hair further thinned out until near the crown, then we may hold the hand at 90 degree angle. If we say this is 60 degree, then 90 degree would be right here. the same is done for the rest of bunches in the back up to the crown. just remember for further thinning out, we'll have to hold the hand at 90 degree angle. in each step, it's necessary to follow the guide from the previously trimmed section and hold the hand diagonally. For the front part, I've already made a parting in the middle, I'll pick two sections as guide. This part too will depend on the client's wish how short it should be cut, however, the standard is chin length hair. grab a section on each side which will be used as the guide. it's cut diagonally so it becomes layered and pointy on ends.

Repeat the same for the next section of hair. now on this side, just like the other one, take the first section as the guide and go on cutting the rest diagonally. well, I've done with the front and the back parts, now I'm going over a section in the middle to trim using the guides in the back and the front. finally, divide the hair in the back into two equal sections to check if it's the right length. comb the hair towards the nose through one hand's fingers to check if there's any excess ends to be cut. in this style, the hair can be brushed either straight or put into a particular shape. well, we're done with this haircut item, I hope you've liked it. To join our instruction courses in Soorati beauty salon, please dial the numbers provided.

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