How To: Eyebrow Lift Without Using Glue

Being a rapidly developing trend, Brow Lift is a treatment that makes your natural brow hairs look thicker, darker and healthier by shaping and nourishing them. Whether you have skinny, thick or unruly eyebrows, this method is a great help to enhance the look of your face. Watch the following tutorial by Ms. Marjan Ghasemi, to learn more about how the process is performed.


Hello everyone, This is Marjan Ghasemi, the director of Marjan eyelash centre. Today I'm gonna show you a new method of eyebrow lift, so stay tuned. First, apply the material number 1 to the brows. all the eyebrow hairs must be covered with the material. after you're done with material No 1, leave it on for 18 minutes. now remove the material No 1 off the brows and start applying the material No 2 for 15 minutes. now I'll wipe the material No 2 off the brows completely, make sure nothing is left among the eyebrow hairs. and finally, add the Botox to the brows. well, we're now all done with this eyebrow lift item, I hope you've found it useful. To join our instruction courses or receive beauty treatments in Ghasemi Institute, you can dial the phone numbers available.

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