Types of Mascara And The Application of Each One

In this video, we will explain about types of mascara and the application of each one


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website, Today I'm gonna show you different types of mascara applicators and how to apply them properly to your eyes. Mascaras often come in three types, one of them is this. This mascara wand is a bit wider at the tip, which adds more volume to the eyelashes. next one is like this which has a curved tip. This types of wand helps to create more curls for lashes and the bottom part of its tip which has smaller bristles is used to put mascara on lower lashes. and finally comes this plastic bristle brush, which helps to separate the lashes and further adds length and volume to the lashes.

Now I wanna show you how to both separate the lashes and add more volume to them, which means how to apply mascara in the right way. Place the wand against the base of your lashes and wiggle it back and forth towards the tips a few times. try to cover the full length of your lashes. start from near the base of lashes and pull it gently upwards to the tips, repeat this action a few times. now to add more curl to the lashes and separate them, place the brush underneath the lashes and blink gently while moving the brush upwards.

This will make lashes look fuller and curlier as well. I've put mascara on one of my eyes with the bigger brush. now I'll go over my other eye with the plastic bristle curved brush, then we can see how different they will look from each other. well as you can see, the eye on which I put mascara using the curved brush looks a bit longer than the other one. while this one looks like to have thicker lashes. you can decide what sort of mascara your eyes need depending on the length and thickness of your lashes. try applying mascara and after a few times of practice, you will get the hang of it and learn how to do it right. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, See you later.

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