How To: Wet Eyeshadow, Tips & Tricks

Regardless of application, wet eyeshadow is quickly becoming a favorite in ads and photography industry. It appears brighter and more intense than regular eyeshadow. However, it can’t be a good choice for bridal make-up. The most interesting thing about this technique is the ease of application. The only thing you need is a light liquid lipstick to be applied to the back of lids.


Hello everyone, This is Dorsa from Rojelab website, today I'm gonna teach you how to put a pretty wet eyeshadow. as you might have seen, it's a new shadowing style which has recently been popular and used for fashion make-up. It looks like it's wet when applied to your eyelids which makes them look glossy, that's what makes this style really attractive and fashionable. It doesn't come with glitters and acrylics, but gives a bright glossy effect to your lids. however, it's not recommended for daily or bridal make-up but only for fashionable styles. now I'm gonna show you an easy way of doing it which needs no special complex tools. the only thing you need is a liquid acrylic-free lipstick in a bright colour.

Note that there are some liquid lipsticks which dry out rapidly after application, remember to use a lipstick which keeps its brightness in colour and doesn't dry out. well, I'll now put the shadow using this liquid lipstick. you won't need any brushes either, you can then use a cotton swab to fade it. I'll now put some of this lipstick to my lids starting from right above the lashes. you don't have to go too far above the eyes, and you'd better not use any primers like concealers or fixing powders. so that it won't spread around and go lumpy. it can be applied alone to the lids. after shaping your shadow, you can start fading it gently upwards from the outer edges. This way, the excess colour around the shadow will be removed.

I've completed my upper lid. I'll also put a little lipstick right under the lower lid starting from the middle. and move towards the outer corner, you can also extend it to join the upper shadow and fade them together. but I like it to look a bit different, so I'll just sweep it straight along the lower lashes, then fade it. remember that you must move it outwards while fading. well, I've now completed the shadowing and fading for my right eye. I'll now go over the other eye and again start from right above the lashes. and go on covering the whole surface of the lid. after I've faded it, I can apply more lipstick if it's necessary.

Well, I've completed both my eyes with shadowing and fading, now I'll just apply a little bit of mascara. For this shadowing style, you won't need to use eyeliner because in this style we want the shadow itself to look more noticeable rather than the eyeliner or the mascara. that's why I say using too much mascara or eyeliner will detract the effect of your shadow. well, we're now done with this wet eyeshadow item, I hope you enjoyed it. you can use any colour that you like for this shadow, don't forget to share with me your feedback after using this style for your fashion designs. comment below this video so I can be informed of your views and ideas. See you for the next tutorials.

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