How To: Permanent Cheek Make-up

Rouge, also known as blusher, is a cosmetic in form of powder or cream applied to the cheek bones to give them colour and to accentuate the appearance of your face shape. Some techniques has also been recently developed in which colour pigments are deposited on the cheek bones skin using a hand-held electric needle to provide semi-permanent rejuvenation to the complexion. Based on the face shape, one is required to know how to contour the face properly before adding the rouge. Contouring, according to experts, should be done differently for each person's individual needs even though most of the techniques for contouring are the same.


Hello everyone, This is Hosna Ghaderi, Today I'm here with an item on permanent blush on cheeks. well, first I'm gonna give you a full explanation about this, firstly, you have to know how to contour the face. secondly, it's crucial to be familiar with types of face shapes, one could have an oval, square or round face. This client has an almost oval face which is narrower at the jaw. the forehead is neither so wide nor so short and her cheeks are barely prominent. our purpose here is to make her cheeks stand out more. contouring should be done differently for each face shape, therefore identifying the client's face shape matters a lot. first, I'll do all the mapping out and the symmetry before moving on to the main step.

Because we aim to make the face appear wider, it's important to put a cheek contouring line which makes the cheeks look more prominent. thus, it shouldn't be completely straight. after doing the symmetry, I'll fade the contour lines slightly upwards. after fading the lines, start adding blush to the cheeks with the electric needle. well, a few minutes into using the electric needle, we need to touch up the blush. let it stay for a few minutes and don't wipe it off, then again pick the electric needle to go over the cheeks. when you're done using the needle, it's time for a little colour shock. after the colour shock, I'll apply the Dermaheal cream and massage the skin to avoid it having blotches. it must be done back and forth in circular motions. Then, I'll again take the needle to go over the cheeks.

Well, after having colour mask, I'll wipe off the blush to see if the contoured area is evenly coloured. now as you see It's obvious that the blushed area is standing out. by the way, blending out the blush is very vital in this treatment, as it prevents the colour from piling up at one place. one more thing is that for checking the symmetry, you must look at the face in a straight angle. you will have to get up and look at it either from opposite or above the face to make sure your work is perfectly symmetrical. again I say it's crucial to blend out the colour and at the end, it must be obvious that the cheeks have been raised a little bit. well, we're now done with this item here. post-treatment skin care includes applying collagen-making ointments. in addition, the skin shouldn't be exposed to sun and water for three days.

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