How To: Touch Up Balayage Highlights

Growing drastically in popularity, Balayage is a newly developed technique of painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural look with a gentle transition of dark near the scalp to light towards the ends.


Hello everyone, welcome to Rojelab website, I'm a professional hair colourist in Top royal Beauty salon. Today I'm here with a Balayage touch-up item, so stay tuned with us to see how it's done. well, this is the client we're doing the Balayage touch-up for. This client doesn't want her Balayage to be so deep, but likes her hair to be darker near the scalp and lighter near the ends. so I'll put some paint on a few layers of hair in the front to create that Balayage. I'm not gonna backcomb the layers in the front and near the ears, because I need them to lie flat on the foil, but for painting layers on the other parts, I'll backcomb them first.

The only layers I won't backcomb are those in the front and by the ears, because as I said, I need to have straight flat layers for these parts. well, It's been nearly 25 minutes since I wrapped the hair section, but it has not reached the shade I'm after yet. I want it to reach the level 9 or 10. I'll add some more paint if necessary to make it reach the shade of desire. well, we're now done with this Balayage item, I hope you've enjoyed it. To join our instruction courses or receive any beauty treatment, please dial the phone numbers available.

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