How To: Frosted Highlights For Damaged Hair

Multiple bleaching and coloring can leave your hair over-processed and terrible porous. When your hair is damaged and porous, color molecules cannot get trapped inside the hair shaft, so your color fades quickly. The solution to your problems is simple and very affordable- a protein filler for hair. This miracle product has been for a while a preferable way to fix porous hair and help the color process evenly. Watch the following tutorial by Ms. Leila Farzaneh to find out how the procedure is carried out.


Hello everyone, This is Leila Farzaneh, a hair highlight expert. Today I'm gonna use protein fillers to give a more lifted highlight to a client's hair who's already had frosted highlights. well, as I already told you, this client has had frosted highlights with highlighting caps which is very hard to sort out the coloured strands. I'm now gonna divide it into several sections, as this hair has become porous, we can't apply every sort of material to it, so I'll use protein fillers to lighten the hair. now I'm gonna section the hair in the front creating a rectangular shape on the top. and then I'm gonna apply a chunky thick highlight. well, as you see, I've made a rectangular shape on the top.

I've wrapped a section right above the ear in foil, I'll wrap one more here for you to see, just grab a section in a straight line like this. always leave a thin section to be placed between the foils, this will make your highlight much more attractive. For highlights, based on the client's wish, you can sort out either thin or thick strands of hair for frosting. I'll prefer to take thin strands because it gives a prettier result and has always been trendy as well. and remember to hold the foil tight on your palm while applying the material, this will prevent it from slipping off your hand. well, apply the material to the section like this, remember to move your hand under the foil along with the brush anywhere.

This way, the foil won't slip downwards on your hand and doesn't leave colour spots on your hair. and then bend up the foil the way you see here. bend the two edges of the foil on the top so that it stays firm in place even if the clients shakes her head. but if the foil slips downwards, it leaves untidy colour spots on the hair which you'll have to remove afterwards. well, this is the end of our treatment here, a highlight with a shade of pinkish caramel. however the pink tone will be faded when washed, this is a pretty trendy colour for highlights. I do hope you've enjoyed it. To learn more about our instruction courses, you can dial the phone numbers available.

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