How To: Layered Haircut

In this tutorial, we will show you a beautiful layered haircut. This video was provided by Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I am Parvane Habibi. I am the administration at Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Academy with more than twenty years of professional experience. Today I want to show you a new haircut.

The style I am going to show you today is a layered cut. In a layered cut, the length of the hair is usually down to shoulders. Either you can cut the hair straight or in a V shape and the rest of the layers will be cut in a 90-degree angle. In the back, which will be the position for our primary cut,
We will determine the length and cut the hair any way the client prefers and cut in a zero-degree angle. I will cut the edges diagonally.

We will use this layer as our guide and the rest of the hair will be cut with attention to this layer. Since this is the guide, we should make sure the length is equal on both sides. If one side is longer, the cut will be uneven. I cut one side a little longer so I can show you how to check the length. Take one layer from each side and take them to the middle and if you put them together, you can see that one layer is a little longer than the other one and now we can cut the layers equally. Therefore, to check the length all you need to do is to bring the layers on either side to the middle and compare their lengths.

Now if we compare the two layers again, we can see that they are exactly the same length and we are sure the hair on both sides mirror each other. Now we can start separating two-centimeter thick layers and cut them in a ninety-degree angle. Keep in mind that in a ninety-degree cut, the hair is perpendicular with the root of the hair. Hold the hair like this, and include the layer you want to use as a guide in this as well, brush it the hair and then cut according to the length of the guide in a ninety-degree angle.

You should brush the hair thoroughly and using a wider brush can help you brush the hair easier. A layered cut is popular among women and you can use the same method to cut the hair a little longer. Now the next layer. The cut is finished in the back and now we can move to the front. In the front, first, brush the hair thoroughly and then make sure the client’s head is held up. The cut should be an inverted V. So we have to cut the bangs a little shorter and move diagonally to the sides and cut less as you do. You can even cut the hair shorter. You should use the first layer from your cut as the guide so the layer you see here will be our guide for the rest of the process.

Separate this layer into two parts. One for this side of the bangs and one for the other side. We will use this layer as our guide to cut the rest of the hair to the side. Hold the hair diagonally and then cut like this in an inverted V shape. Cut the rest of the layer according to the length of the previous parts. You can do the same using a shearing blade. We will do the same for the other side. Brush the hair completely and hold the client’s hair up. Use the guide layer to cut the hair diagonally. Pay attention to my hand and the scissor. Never cut the hair like this since it is the wrong way to hold the hair. Cut the hair until you reach the side.

After cutting the hair, you can even use a shearing blade. Check both sides so they are the same length. One side is a little longer so let’s take care of that right here. After cutting the hair diagonally, let’s hold the hair in a ninety-degree angle and cut the whole layer using the guide. Do the same for the next layer. After cutting the hair in a ninety-degree angle, let’s cut one part from the top. Take the layer, hold it in a ninety-degree angle, and then make the cut according to the guide layer. Put this layer aside and move to the next layer. We do this to give the hair a layered style. Now take another layer of hair, hold it in a ninety-degree angle and then make the cut again so the front is layered the same as in the back.

We will do the same for the other side. I will explain the process again. Hold the whole layer in your hand and then cut. After cutting one layer, move to the other one. To make sure both sides are the same length, pull one layer up from each side, put them together, and cut the excess hair in the middle. This will give us a level cut on both sides. After cutting the hair, we can start shearing. Shearing the hair can be done using scissors or a shearing blade. To do this you just cut the hair diagonally using the scissor with movements from up to the bottom. Shearing is better done to the tip of the hair layers, which will add much to the beauty of your work.

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