How To: Combined Light Makeup

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to apply combined light makeup. This tutorial was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Salon.


Greetings. I am Shafi’e. I am the administration at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Salon. Today I want to talk to you about a combined light makeup.

Start with applying the makeup to the eyes. At the first stage, apply a layer of concealer all around the eyes. Use a special pad to remove the excess material and unneeded oil from the area. Now apply a black of dark aqua to the outer one-third of the eyelid based on our preference. Use your brush to fade the aqua completely. For the next step, since this is a combined makeup, we apply the second line of eyeshadow in a semi-circle on the eyelid.

Again, use a special brush to fade the makeup. Fading should not move outside the third line of the eyes. Again, use your special pad to remove the excess material and oil from the area. Now apply a layer of fixing powder to the area to fix the foundation using a compact. Remove the excess compact powder from the area using a wide brush. Apply layers of suitable eyeshadows to their respective areas and then fade them. Do not forget that for the outer side of the eyelids we have to use our darkest shades and we should never fade them to an area outside their proper filed of application.

For the third line of the eyelids, to make a suitable spectrum of colors and to fade the eyeshades properly on the eyelids,
We can use a peach-colored eyeshade or other warm colors. To form the makeup exactly the way we intend it, we can apply some of the eyeshadow on the inner area of the eyelid as well. We will use a shine eyeshade on the inner part of the eyelids. To separate the area with eyeshades from the area above the eyelids and below the eyebrows, we can use a light shade other than white. Since we are working with a silver spectrum of colors for this makeup, to cream a harmony between the eye makeup and the rest of the makeup, we can use a peachy and orange color on the area below the eyebrows and a little outside the outer edge.

Now let’s draw a thin eyeliner right above the eyelash line. We can use a light mascara to remove the powders and other material from the eyelashes and to form them a little better. When the mascara is dry, we can choose a suitable set of false lashes with regards to the makeup and natural form of the eyes. The eyelashes we have used here is a double-layered false lash. We have to attach the first layer to the natural eyelashes and then we can measure the eyelashes, choose the right size for the second layer of false lashes and attach them to the first layer of false lashes with a very small space between them.

Now we can fill the space between the two layers using a dark eyeliner. After applying the eye makeup, we can start applying foundations for facial makeup. The foundation we are using here is a camouflage, which we have to first warm up with our hands and then apply to the face. You should never use pads to apply a camouflage material and instead always use your hands to apply it to the skin. We can choose the color of our camouflage based on the color of our eyeshadow and the rest of the makeup. If the skin has spots or acne, we can make our own foundation to suit the skin and hide the defects.

We should make sure to apply the foundation across the whole face. Apply the foundation to the hair growth line, on the sides of the nose, and near the ears as well. Now let’s apply a layer of liquid foundation to soften the previous foundation and prevent it from cracking. After applying the foundation, to make a clear distinction between the eyeshadow and the rest of the makeup,
We have to create a clear cut using makeup. The line of the cut depends very much on the type of eyeshadow and nature of the eyes. Now let’s apply a dark shade below the cheekbones.

In order to normalize the makeup on the nose, draw two dark shades on both sides of the nose parallel to each other. Since the upper lips are a little bulging, we can apply a dark shade on the upper lips to reduce this effect. In addition, to make the lips look more beautiful, we can apply the same dark shade above the chin and right below the lower lip. How we highlight the face depends on the natural form and anatomy of the face and can be different for each person. We can use a special pad to fade the shades and remove the excess material. We will use another pad to remove the excess oil from under the eyes and polish away the excess material completely.

At this stage, we can use a fixing powder to cover the skin completely. After a few minutes, we can remove the fixing powder from the skin using a brush. Now let’s design the eyebrows with a color suitable to the eye makeup and keep in mind that you should take into account the distance between the two eyebrows and their distance from the eyes as well. Re-apply the eyeliner and to remove the powder from the eyelashes, we can re-apply the mascara as well. Now let’s apply makeup to the lower eyelids and draw eyeliner for the lower eyelids with attention to the eye makeup. Since this is a light makeup, we use aqua to apply a light eyeliner and then fade it. We should try to draw a simple eyeliner without a cut or intense curve.

We can use the same shades we used on the upper eyelids, on the lower eyelids as well to reflect the makeup. Apply the cheek blusher using a special brush on the cheeks where we applied a dark shade. If we need to add more depth to the makeup, we can use a special shine above or on the cheekbones. The last step in facial makeup is applying makeup to the lips. Separate the lip line from the rest of the face with a suitable color. The color we use for the lipstick depends on the color of our foundation and eyeshadow. We have to use either the same color family, tone or spectrum.

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