How To: Eyebrow Design & Symmetry

In this tutorial, we will show you how to design and form eyebrows with attention to the natural style and geometry of the face. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Salon. To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact us at the numbers provided in the video.


Greeting. I am Fatane Gerami with more than thirteen years of experience in eyebrowdesign and makeup. Today I am here from Kimia Beauty Salon to talk to you about eyebrowmakeup and design.

To create symmetry for the eyebrows, the first thing we need to do is to brush them correctly, upward. Brush the eyebrows upward and cut the excess hair strands with a small scissor. Make sure not to cut too much of the hair because the more you cut the excess hair, the less volume the eyebrows will have. After removing the excess hair, we can start plucking the eyebrows. We will start plucking the eyebrows from one direction starting at the tail. Make sure not to go inside the frame of the eyebrows. Continue like this and remove the excess hair strands.

We will form the eyebrows based on what the client prefers. Since these eyebrows are linear, we have to form them the same way and conform to the original style of the eyebrows. Some people rather have hachured eyebrows. To have this type of eyebrows, you should skip removing the excess hair under the eyebrows with some attention to form and style. We try to leave the smaller, thinner hair strands untouched since the constant upkeep of the eyebrows will cause them to get thicker,
Form another layer of hair on the eyebrows, and add to its volume.

Now we have reached the crown of the eyebrow. We should avoid changing the crown of the eyebrows as much as we possibly can. The more you remove and change the eyebrows, the less volume of hair will remain and it does not help your client. Use your scissor vertically to cut the excess hair on the crown of the eyebrows. Sometimes the clients ask us to shorten their eyebrows. To do this you should start plucking at the tail of the eyebrow and below it. The last stage is using a blade to remove the remaining hair. You should be careful not to cut the skin.

Keep in mind that the crown of the eyebrows should be aligned with the side of the nose. If the crown is inside this line, the face will look grim and rough. The tail of the eyebrows should align with the side of the nose and the eye. Some clients might ask to have longer or shorter eyebrows and you should convince the client whether that design will look good on their face or not. Let’s start working on the second eyebrow. The first thing we do is to brush the eyebrow upward and cut the excess hair using our scissor. We will apply our design and symmetry to the second eyebrows based on the work we did for the first one.

We should try to avoid touching the areas of the eyebrow where we have a smaller volume of hair until they gain more volume. The volume will begin to grow mainly because of the shaving and cutting with the scissor and blade. We have now reached the crown of the eyebrows. The crown should be aligned with the side of the nose. As you can see, the crown of the eyebrow is a little outside this area. You work on each eyebrow based on its nature and style. Some eyebrows have very thin hair, others, like the one you see here, have thick and curly hair. Eyebrows with curly hair require even more attention because the hair strands are thicker and if you pick them by mistake, the empty space will be very visible.

An important part of designing eyebrows is to understand the natural style and geometry of the client’s face. You should always design the eyebrows based on the natural style of the face. You should know what type of eyebrows suites what type of face. Since my client has a rather round and full face, designing thin, long eyebrows would not suit her. This concludes our eyebrows design and styling video. I hope you have enjoyed it. To join our classes, or to book our services, please contact Kimia Beauty Salon at the numbers provided in the video.

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