Plucking Eyebrows Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we want to show you how to pluck your eyebrows while maintaining the natural symmetry of your face. This video is brought to you by Noghre Negar Beauty Institute. For consultancy and classes, contact us by calling .


Hello, today I want to talk about plucking and maintaining eyebrows. This video is brought to you by Noghre Negar beauty institute.

There are three important things to remember when plucking eyebrows. First, how to go about plucking eyebrows. Second, understanding and keeping symmetry. and third, face recognition. Each one of these is important and will fundamentally affect the quality of the outcome.

The eyebrow you see here is almost a half crescent eyebrow. I want to turn this half crescent eyebrow into a flat one. There are twelve types of eyebrow shapes which include “soft angle”, “middle hard angle”, “side hard angle”, and “S-shaped” eyebrows. There are also other types of eyebrows which we will talk about later.

Eyebrows frame your face and must have symmetrical harmony with other points on your face. The crown and also the outer tail of the eyebrow must correspond to the outer edge of your nose. Also, the arch of the eyebrow must be above the iris and from there must correspond to the outer edge or your lip.

To pluck eyebrows, first, brush the eyebrow in its natural direction of growth. Carefully cut the protruding brows with a scissor. Don’t put your finger on the eyebrow. The pressure will make the brow stick out unnaturally and you run the risk of cutting too much. Now using a tweezer, start plucking the hair from the point between the two eyebrows. Using your finger, gently drag the eyebrow to make it flat and start plucking below the brow. When you reach the arch, don’t try to pluck the brow to create an angle.

I want to move the outer edge of the eyebrow a little higher and remove the angle at the edge without without making the brow shorter or thinner. A broad eyebrow will make you look angry and rough. In contrast, a very thin eyebrow will make you look older and unbalanced. Be careful not to pluck or cut the crown of the brow too much, because that’s the starting point for a flat eyebrow and if you make the crown too thin, the whole eyebrow will follow a similar fate. If you pluck the crown in a flat manner, you’ll have a well-balanced flat eyebrow.

Now we are going to use a blade to cut the unwanted areas of the brow. Keeping the blade between your thumb and the third finger, use your index finger to curve the blade and start shaving the very small hairs above and below the eyebrow. You can use your pinky as a foundation so your hand doesn’t shake. Be very careful when shaving with a blade.

We’re done with the eyebrow. As you can see this eyebrow looks flat and the outer edge is pointing slightly upward, and also doesn’t have the same arching angle and length. Now it’s more evident how much the small unwanted hair that we cut using a blade can make your eyebrow look broader.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you are interested in joining our classes, contact us using the number in the description.

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