How To: Hair Colour Using Velvet Method

In this tutorial, you can watch a full instruction of velvet hair dying. The term "velvet" refers to the use of two different colours of red and violet. By this technique every layer is split into four sections and coloured red and violet. To add up the hair colour durability, you ought to use a 2 cm variation of colours.


Hello everyone, I'm Shaygan from Noghr-e-Negar institute, Today we're gonna show you a red velvet hair dye technique. We use two or more different colours in this technique, that's why it's called a velvet hair dye. In this technique, we can use two individual colours such as red-copper, red-gold, red-violet. or different shades of colours like dark or light chocolate and dark or light Nescafe. I'd like to use the two colours of red and violet. I'll start applying the colour from the back, the hair is divided into 2 or more sections and a different colour is applied to each section. I'll divide the hair into four sections. apply the violet colour to the first section. and the red colour to the second section. the violet colour to the third. and the red colour to the fourth. Then rub the brush in zigzag motions on the untouched areas between the section. This way no line of uncoloured hair is left between the sections. This technique is also applicable to bleached hair. now go over the next layer splitting it into four sections.

But apply the reverse order of colours. apply the red colour to the sections lying on the violet coloured sections from the previous layer and vice versa. and repeat the zigzag movement of the brush on the layer. do the same for the rest of the layers on the head and leave it on for a few minutes. and you don't have to put a cap on the head during this treatment. We can also use colour powders for this treatment. Many of you have been curious to know what to do to achieve a shiny look after dying or a more durable colour on white hair. those wishing to have shiny hair should use a 2 cm yellow variation. and to increase the durability of the colour, apply a 2 cm red or a warm tone variation. If you're keen to attend the instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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