How To: Mid-Length Haircut Tutorial

In this tutorial Ms. Shaygan performs a convenient trendy haircut style in which you may see several useful dos and don’ts in this technique.
The whole hair is divided into five parts, then each part will be split into several different sections. For the sections on the back of the head above the nape, the hair sections are trimmed in overlapped layers.


Hello everyone, I'm Shaygan from Noghr-e-Negar beauty salon. I'll try to come up with some useful tricks during this tutorial. Before I begin, I wanna remind you of some essential point. and that is many stylists still hold the scissors with the wrong finger despite having long years of experience. the right finger to hold the scissors with is the ring finger. whereas many hairdressers mistakenly use the middle finger which puts too much pressure. the middle finger is used for embroidery and the ring finger is the best one for trimming. I've already done the hair separations. the hair from above the brows to the crown is divided into the parts number 1 and 2. both sides are the part number 3. and the back is divided into parts number 4 and 5. the number 5 itself will be split into 3 sections. the first section is used as a pattern. comb this section downwards using the spinal cord as the guide. and before going over it, consult with the client about how short she likes the hair to be trimmed.

Hold the scissors parallel to the spinal cord to trim the section. pull the section towards the shoulder, it's cut more angled as we pull it towards the face. and thin out the next section to form a pointy shape. This one will be used as the pattern for whole hair cut. We trimmed the first layer form the part number 5, so I'll now bring the second layer over the first one. from now on, the more angled we hold hair, the more thinned the ends will be. I'll trim the second layer from the fifth part in a 45 degree position according to the guide. trim it to a pointy shape. on the other words, as the scissors goes deeper into the section, it will be more thinned out. do the same on the other side of the section. now go on to the third layer from the fifth part and begin thinning it out. hold the scissors in a 90 degree position. We start the angles from zero on the first layer to 90 on the third.

Well, we're done with cutting the fifth part. now it comes to checking our work in the fifth part. I'll divide it into five vertical sections. I'm just doing this double check as a precaution. hold the layer with your fingers in a 90 degree position and start making corrections if needed. do the cuttings on the ends according to the guide. check if they are uniformly pointed on the ends. well, we're all done on the back. let's go over the sides which is the third part. separate the first layer to be the guide. and set the fifth part as the pattern. If you like the front sections to be at a sharper angle. pull the section towards the face. as it's pulled towards the face, there will be shorter ends after cutting and if it's pulled towards the shoulder, we'll see longer ends. trim the patterns in the part number 3 on the both side. go on trimming on a desired angle according to the guide on the fifth part. now check that the sections on both sides are the same length.

Along the temple. above the ears. well, we've trimmed the patterns in the third part. now let's go to the second section of third part and start doing with a 90 degree angle. hold the scissors at 45, then 90 degree position. and then at 120-degree position. one more technique if you care to know is thinning out the hair on the edges of sections. which the scissors runs on the section from near the scalp towards the ends. grab the hair sections and thin them out like this. in the form of semicircle. This will easily add more volume to the hair. as I said,for the hair on the back,you can do the trimming in overlapped layers,but for this part you can just thin it out easily by trimming the layers from the top. so It provides a good shape for the hair. For those having thin hair, we'll trim the hair layers from the bottom.

Grab a section of hair just like this. run the scissor underneath the section to get it thinned out in the bottom. This way the inner layers are shorter and the outer ones are raised further outwards, it makes the hair stand out more and look thicker. This lovely client has had previously cut her first section from the first part. so we have to make her an individual bangs cut on the front and check the first section from the second part. and trim it at an 180-degree position. now I'm going over the bangs cut to make it a bit tidier. well, this is the most primitive haircut in mid-length style. you can learn different techniques in haircut including Vidal Sassoon, Bordeaux and also 2D and 3D cuts in our instruction courses. To join these courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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