Dye Using Foils Complete Walkthrough

In this tutorial, we present a complete overview of working with foils. For a consultancy, please contact us at 09367007399.


Greetings. I’m Bahri, formula and product expert. We are going to talk about Meche using foils today.

To do this, we need to wrap the hair in front. I’m going to show you how. Also, this is for those of you who are new to this and still have problems working with foils. If your foil wraps are loose, or you experience color leakage, this video is intended for you.

The first thing you need to do is separate the hair. Separate the hair from the line above the eyebrow’s arch in the shape of a rectangle. Wrap the hair and put this part aside. Make sure the lines are straight and in order. Now on to adding foils to the hair. The density of the formula is very important. If the formula is too diluted, you will definitely experience some leakage. Either it will change the color of the foil, or it will touch the roots and change the color there. The product should be dense enough to prevent it from dripping, but not so dense that you can’t move the brush on the hair. Control the density to reach an equilibrium. It should be almost as dense as cooking cream.

Let’s start adding the foils. The batches you choose must be in a zigzag form. How big the batches are depended on the client’s preference. If they want it to be small, then you choose very small groups of hair from the batch. Choose the hair like this with a zigzag movement and you’ll have a small Meche. If you wanted a medium size Meche, then choose one-centimeter groups, and for a very big one, you can just turn the batch into three parts. For this, leave two parts, and keep three thicker ones. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to go with a thicker foil wrap.

Choose the hair in a zigzag style. Leave two groups and hold on to three. Now start adding the product. To make the foil stay on the hair easier, the best way is to add some product to the foil first and then put the hair on it. You can just bend the foil like this, or you can bend it twice like what I did here. Bend the foil on the sides to prevent it from sliding down. To make sure the foil doesn’t leak, use a little cotton under the foil like this.

Now that we have finished working on the side, let’s move on to the top of the hair. Here, you have two choices. Either go with the same zigzag style for the top of the hair or leave the batch in the front and move to the second. Some clients prefer not to have a Meche on the front, and it’s actually better if there isn’t. However, if you did want to work the Meche on the front also, you can perform the same zigzag, pick three parts, and let two groups stay untouched. Since working immediately on the front never looks that good, we always leave a small batch in the front and start working on the rest. Just a very thin line, like this. Start working on the rest of the hair. I used a small hairband to wrap this part in the front. This will help prevent getting dye on it if there’s a leakage. You can even do it for the hair on the side. It will make your work easier later on. Since I didn’t do it on the side, I’m going to show it here. This is a good practice, especially for people with less experience. I left the first part alone. Nevertheless, it’s a very thin layer and not at all thick.

Let’s add the foil to the batch. The only difference between here and the sides, is that you don’t use the zigzag style for the hair on the top. It’s possible to do it if you want. But for a better looking Meche, it’s recommended that you don’t and just go with a linear style. This batch shouldn’t be thicker than half a centimeter. The thicker the batch, the farther you’ll be from the root. It will also cause other problems, such as foils heating up, which can damage the hair. Make sure to use cotton under the foil to prevent leakage.

This part will be wrapped with one foil only. However, the farther you move toward the top of the head, the width increases and you’ll have to use more pieces of foil. Let’s split the hair here. Now you have to separate one part of the hair from one side and work on the rest. Separate the rest of the hair into two parts. Again, work on it with the zigzag style and start adding the product. Use one foil on this side, and another on the opposite.

I’ve added all the foils here. We have to wait for the foils to open. If you need to add more product to charge the foil, do, otherwise check to see if the dye is over. Remove and clean the hair.

Our Meche is over. As I said before, for the top we used a linear style. This is important because this way your work has order and the symmetry of the lines are apparent. If you use zigzags to group the hair, you’ll lose this symmetry.

Our classes are three days long. We cover a very extensive range of topics. To join us, you can call the numbers in the description. The topics we cover in our classes include working with foils, different types of closing foils, working with covers, explaining why and how to avoid leakage, which is a very common problem. Moreover, we talk about decoloring. How to get unified decolored hair and preventing damage. We can also cover up to fifteen different highlights which includes almost all types of highlight. Changing from warmer colors to colder one and vice versa. However, most importantly we are going to talk about color mixes and spectrum. Lot’s of people are looking for new and different dye formulas and we keep getting calls from people asking for new formulas. We’re not going to teach your formulas in our classes, because that’s going to limit you to a single brand and will make finding the right formula hard when dealing with a client. If you learn to work with colors, there will be no need to rely on formulas or a single brand. The work we did here used a 9/1 color, which is a gray dye with a variation of silver.

We’ll be happy to see you in our classes. Please feel free to contact us using the numbers in the description. Goodbye.

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