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In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how nail restoration and mixed nail polish is possible. This tutorial is provided by Taray-e-Novin Institute. There are many different types of cosmetic nail processes. Examples include nail gels, nail fibers, nail powders, silk nails, and dipping. The most common type of nail is powder nails. This type of nail can last longer. Powder nails are done using liquids and powders are smooth out using electric or hand-held scrubs. This type of nail should be restored after two to three weeks. Gel nails have less following at the time. It is designed using a high-density gel and a special primer. Nail molds are done using the shape and format of the nail itself. This type is used much less frequently and has a very short life span. The notable difference is the simplicity and the short amount of time it needs to get ready.


Greetings. Today we are going to talk about mixed nail polish and restoration.

First, use a buff to clean the surface of the nail. Now to get rid of the extra skin and cuticles, use an electric scrub around the nail. Use the scrub to clean under the nail to make sure there are no dark spots or dirt. The size of the nail is important. It should be neither short nor too long. The ideal size for the nail is one or two millimeters.

Choose the correct tip size for the nail. The tip you choose should not be too big or too small. It should be exactly the same size as the tip of the nail. Glue the tip to the nail. Put the top of the tip on the end of the nail. Wait for ten seconds for the glue to dry. Clean the excess glue. After the glue has dried, I am going to cut the tip to the preferred size for the client. After scrubbing the tip to get rid of the edges, use a scrub number 180 on the top of the nail where the tip has connected to the nail and scrub the line to make it less visible. Now the surface of the nail is completely smooth.

We are ready to put our product on the nail. First, let’s add the anti-fungus polish. It should cover the nail completely. Now let’s add the primer. When adding the products, you should choose the right amount so there is no surplus. Put the brush right at the point where the tip has connected to the nail and brush downward. Make sure to leave one millimeter of space between the product and the root of the nail. This will help with scrubbing and will reduce the risk of air infusion. If you can’t use a brush, then use a stick. Just use the stick around the nail. Add some more products. Also, apply the products to the tip of the nail and let the nail dry.

Buff the nail to improve the shine and smooth the surface. Also, use a soft buff. Now use an electric scrub to clean the root from any product that might have covered the area. Use a buff one more time and use the electric scrub to make sure the root the nail is smooth. Use the scrub under the nail to clean it without making the tip too thin.

So far, this process involved powder. After you are done adding the powder to the nail, we have to move on to working with the mix. After working with the powder is over, you have to add a top shine again and put the hand under UV light. The top shine should not touch the root and there should be one-millimeter of space. This is because after the nail grows longer, the shine will move away from the root and air will enter under the products. Use the stick to make sure there’s no product on the root. Put the hand under the UV machine.

You have to put the machine under UV light for two or three minutes. Now the nail is completely dry. At this point, you can add your design or gel. Otherwise, just add a cuticle oil around the nail and you’re done.

I hope you have enjoyed this item. Thank you, goodbye.

Greetings. Today we are here from Taray-e-Novin Institute with a tutorial on nail restoration.

First, scrub around the nail completely with an electric scrub. Next, let’s clean any type of product that might have been added to the nail before, including top shines or powder. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep the scrub on the nail for too long. Touch the nail with the scrub for only a brief moment. Scrub almost one-third of the product from the nail. This part here, where some product has been added before and we want to restore it, must also be smooth out.

Use a small round electric scrub to brush the part between the nail and the product. The scrub should not touch the nail itself. This might cause the nail to become to thin and cause fungus or air fusion. Use a buff on the nail once or twice. We are done scrubbing the nail.

Now let’s add the product to the nail. Adding products for nail restoration is the same as any other cosmetic nail process which involves adding tips. Add the anti-fungus and then the primer. Add the primer all over the nail. Now add the product to the nail. Our product is now completely dry. Buff the nail. Use a scrub to get rid of the excess product on the root of the nail. Buff the nail one more time. Use polish to smooth the nail and add a little shine. Add the cuticle oil around the nail and on the skin. Give it one or two minutes to dry.

Our nail restoration process is done and I hope you have enjoyed this video. Goodbye.

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