How To: Painless & Bloodless Brows Pigmentation Techniques

In this item, the client has already had an eyebrow tattoo which has grown red and faded in colour. So in this tutorial Ms. Nastaran Khorshidi, who is a dexterous pigmentation pro, will teach you how to perform this technique on old tattoos.
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Hello everyone, This is Nastaran Khorshidi, a micro-blading expert. I'm here today with a new micro-pigmentation item for you guys, so stay tuned. well, this is who we are gonna do the treatment for. and as you see, she has already had a tattoo on her brows which are starting to grow red in colour. now she wishes to have a change in its shape and colour. to begin the treatment, we must use dividers or any other devices that are convenient for you, to map out the symmetry outlines of the brows. well, I've made the required symmetry for the brows. but you can use any other device that you like or you can even rely on your eyes to draw the outlines. after drawing the outlines, it's time to apply the numbing material, it must stay on the brows for 20-30 minutes.

This duration might vary depending on the type of numbing material. For this treatment, I'll use a 3-power needle, you can use a 3 or 5 power needle moving inwards from the tail across the brows applying the pigments in throwing motions. so I'm gonna start from the tail and apply the pigments to the brows in throwing motions. keep in mind that for any type of brow pigmentation, we have to use the neutralizer when using a combination of colours. again the neutralizer is selected based on the skin type as well as the colour base we use. We can use oil-based or water-based colours depending on the skin type. which requires a thorough knowledge of skin types to know which one to use. well, I've now shaded the left brow using micro-pigmentation method.

As you see there are no lines left outside its frame after shading it. but in case there were any colour outside the brows borders, then we would have to remove it off the skin. We also changed the colour of the brows, however this redness fades completely after 3 days and the major colour we have applied will appear within 21 days. as you see, I haven't drawn the crown in a square, but instead I gave it a gentle curve which looks like any other normal eyebrow. but if we give the crown a sharp curve, it will make the face look more solemn and therefore more unnatural. while we should make it look as natural as possible. I've applied the shading all over the brow. which left no strokes visible in the brow hairs.

I do emphasize again that you should use neutralizers in the combination of your colours. once you have used the neutralizer, there's no need to worry that the brows would grow smoky or dark in colour. well, I'm done with the left brow, now I'll go over the right one to complete the treatment. I'll repeat the very same shading procedure for the right brow, I'll again start from the tail moving towards the crown which is a bit brighter than the tail. well, we are now done with this brow treatment item. We made the area totally numb by applying the anesthetic only once. the more numbing material we use, the less colourability the brows will have and it takes longer for them to receive the colour. and it is also likely to bleed more heavily. but this treatment, as you saw, went painlessly and without any bleeding.

The less bleeding occurs during the treatment, the higher colourability we can have. I held the device at a 45 degree angle and not perpendicular to the skin. while basically it must be held in a vertical position in pigmentation treatments. in this case, I didn't hold it vertically because I didn't need to add hair strokes. For post-treatment care, the clients are advised not to take a bath for 3 days. it's necessary to take A-vitamin and grease the treatment area twice a day. and not to let it dry out as much as possible since it gets faded more quickly if it gets drier. well, this is the end of today's eyebrow pigmentation tutorial. I hope you found it useful for your needs, I'm looking forward to meeting you in our beauty salon.

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