How To: Arabic Doll Makeup

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply face makeup and the correct way for applying eye shadows. This tutorial applies the Arabic doll method for eye makeup. This video is provided by Mrs. Faranak Bahri. For more information, please contact us at 09126239158.


Greetings. I’m FaranakBahri. I’m a makeup expert. Today I want to show you an Arabic makeup. This is called Arabic doll makeup.

I’ve already worked on the basis for the makeup and added the doll. Now let’s continue to fading. Use a moist brush and fade the makeup outward. Arabic makeups are usually spicier. However, using sharp colors is not the fashion of the day. If you control your colors, you can turn this type of makeup to light and beautiful work. However, if you still want it to have an authentic Arabic doll look, you’ll have to use sharper colors.

The type of eyemakeup I’m applying here is usually used for smaller eyes. It will help you give the eye dimension and make it appear larger. Be very careful while you’re fading the eyemakeup, not to bring it too long out on the edge. Because then you’ll have to draw a long shadow on the eye and it will give it a superficial look and limit the beauty of the work. As I said in the previous item, you should know which colors you’re going to use prior to beginning the makeup. This way you’ll have fewer issues when you want to dry the makeup. I’m going to use a light color to dry the makeup.

I use a blush brush on the eyelids so I don’t fade the lines. Using a brush can make your work look dirty. Many people ask about when they should use bright colors and when opaque. Generally, you use opaque colors if the makeup is to be used in an event during the day and bright for nights. However, this isn’t always the rule because you have to pay attention to the skin as well. Whether the skin is old and wrinkled or young and healthy. Now you can use your brush to dry the rest of the makeup.

I’m going to use a sis color. In the previous videos, I explained how you can go from light to dark or dark to light. Here I’m going to go from dark to light. I’ll add my dark color first. You have to work on both eyes at the same time. Fade the color at the same time you’re adding it. Now I want to add my next color. It should be a few shades lighter than the previous one. Don’t be afraid to use colors. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll have to wipe it and go again.

The next color I want to use is the lightest color in this makeup. Add a mild Light Salmon and fade it into the shade. A very small amount. Well, my work is now dry, and I can tell my model to open her eyes. I want to lighten under her eyebrow. Now let us add eyelashes. We’ve added the eyelashes and fixed them, the makeup is done. Let’s use mascara for the eyebrows. You can use Aqua, makeup pen, eyebrow polish, or anything you are more comfortable with. It depends on what you like.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video. In our classes, we talk about light shading, linear shading, Arabic, and many other forms of shading. I hope to see you in our classes.

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