How To: Permanent Eyelash Curl

In this tutorial, we will show you how an eyelash curl process is done. This video was provided by Viona Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at 02177439936.


Greetings and good day to everyone. I am Akbari, the administration at Viona Beauty Academy. Today I want to talk to you about curling eyelashes.

First, let’s clean the eyelashes with a remover or cleanser specific to the eyes to make sure there are no makeup residue or pollution. The size of the eyelash curler depends on the length of the eyelashes. After choosing the right size of our curler, we should apply some glue to the upper eyelids. After putting the curler on the glue, apply some more glue on top of the curler so you can fix the eyelashes on the curler as well.

Now apply material number one on the eyelashes. Cover the eyes with a plastic cover and wait for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, apply material number two on the eyelashes. After ten minutes, remove the material from the eyes using a piece of cotton and then apply material number three. After five minutes, remove the material from the eyes and remove the curler gently from the eyelashes. Now wash the eyes with cold water.

After washing the eyes, use a clean paper tissue to remove the water and dry the eyelashes. For the last step, apply the eyelash color to the eyelashes and let it remain for twenty minutes. As you can see, our job is done here. I should point out that this eyelash curl can last between three to six months. I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our classes at Viona Beauty Academy, please contact us at the numbers in the description.

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