How To: Ombre Highlight Using Foam Wraps

In this tutorial, you will look at yet another method of Ombre highlights.


Greetings. I’m Ebrahimpour from Golden Triangle Institute. I’m a hairstyle expert and instructor. I’m here with a tutorial on working with hair formulas.

Today we want to talk about Ombre highlights. We can show you a few types of Ombre highlights, but today we want to show you a simple and useful method of Ombre. To create asymmetrical lines, we have to start separating the hair in zigzags. You could separate thicker or thinner layers. I’ve separated this layer in zigzags. I’ll apply some of my decoloring powder mixed with oxidant number 9 to the foam wrap that I have. I’ll apply the product to almost twenty centimeters of the hair. I’ll apply the product to the hair without following a pattern and chaotically. In other words, we want to avoid making lines on the hair where the highlight begins. We used foil wraps before, but now we use foam wraps to make the process easier since hair sticks to the foam easier without needing to attach a clip or hairpin and won’t slide down on the hair.

I’ll separate another layer. One part from the left and another from the right. Hold the hair and brush it. You can apply the product to the lower layer as well, or you can apply the product one layer in between. Separate this layer in zigzags and then if you want to add more product to the hair, you can use your finger to separate the layer into two parts. Put one layer on the left and apply the product and another on the right. Put one of the layers aside and apply your product to the lower layer. Put some of the product on the foam wrap first so it sticks to the hair easier. It depends on you but you can apply the product a few centimeters lower this time. We don’t want all the hair layers to be highlighted on the same line, instead, we want them to look asymmetric. You can even apply the material to the next layer for ten centimeters, or five centimeters. This depends mostly on your preference.

I’ll apply the product in W shapes. I can bend the foam wrap, or put another one on it. Let’s move on to the next part that I put aside before. If I have added the formula to ten centimeters or fifteen of the previous hair layer, I’ll add a different length of material to this layer. I applied the product to only five centimeters of this hair layer. I’ll continue this until the back of the head. I’ll separate this part of the hair in zigzag shapes as well. Drop the rest of the hair and separate the remaining layer in two parts. Put one part away for later and work on the other part.

Ombre highlight can be achieved using different methods and we have to see which method works best for us. Make sure your mixture isn’t too diluted, otherwise it will generate foam. Apply the material erratically. I’ll apply the material to fifteen centimeters of the hair since we applied it to ten centimeters for the last layer. Make sure you apply the material across the hair. Then apply the material in W shapes at the top. Like this and now bend the foam wrap. Let’s do the next layer to reach the back of the head. I finished all the hair layers as I showed you until reaching the back of the head. Let’s now separate the last layer on the back. Separate the hair erratically with uneven and thin zigzag lines. The lines should always be thin to hide the lines.

Leave one of the layers and work on the other one. I’ll try to apply the product to a bigger part of the hair since the last layers usually have a longer highlight. Put the foam wrap a little higher on the hair and apply the material. I’ll continue until the end of the layer. Make sure the material is added to all the areas. Continue to the end of the layer. On the front, I’ll separate two sections on the right and two sections on the left the same way I did on the back.

My Ombre highlight is finished. I’ll let the foam wraps remain on the hair until the bleach reaches a level 9 or 10. Then you can wash the hair and apply your dye. Whatever dye you decide to use, must be in accordance with your bleach. Meaning if you reach a level 8 of hair bleach, you should use a dye for the same level. Here, I want to reach a level 9 or 10 and our dye will be according to this level of bleach. I’ll come back to show you the results. Our Ombre highlight is over. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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