How To: Nail Repair Step-by-Step

To perform a nail repair treatment, the nails first need to be manicured, then the anti-fungus material and the primer are applied to the surface respectively. For nail repair tear drop brushes are often used. Dip the brush into the liquid to take a tiny amount and put it on the nail’s surface, starting from near the base towards the tip.
Here’s everything you need to learn about nail repair procedure instructed by a nail technician from Top Royal Beauty salon.


Hello everyone, I'm a nail technician from Top Royal Beauty Salon, Today we're here with a nail repair item. First, I've manicured all the nails. Then apply the anti-fungus material. after that, apply the primer. pick a tear drop brush used for nail repair, and dip it into the liquid. take a bit of material and smear it on the surface of the nail, starting from near the base. move on to the next finger and apply the primer. dip the brush into liquid to take a tiny amount of material, then put it on the nail close to cuticle. and also put some at the tip of the nail. Then use the brush to make the material into the desired shape on the nail's surface. during nail repair, remember Not to apply the primer to the nails all at a time.

But apply it to each nail just before you want to start putting the material so that the primer won't dry out. after you're done with applying the material, put a round bit to the nail drill and start scraping the excess material away to form an initial shape for the nail. This will make it easier for when you want to use the hand file to shape the nail. the next step is using the small round bit to scrape the edges of the nail. note that you shouldn't hold the drill vertically on the nail or it will cause the nail to redden, leaving drilling marks afterwards. next, take the hand file to scrape the nail into the desired shape.

Remember to hold the skin away from the nail while filing, this way you can avoid damages to skin around. after filing the nail, turn over the finger to have a better look at the nail. next, put a sand bit put to the drill and start smoothing the surface and clear excess material if there's any left. well, we're done with this nail repair, now I'll apply the Gelish based on the client's wish. well, we're now done with this repairing item here, I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. To attend our instruction courses in Top Royal Beauty Salon, please dial the numbers provided.

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