How To: Permanent Curls

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how permanent curls are done using curling rods. A few key questions are also answered. This video is brought to you by Mrs. Bahri. If you’re interested in joining our classes, please contact us at 09367007399.


Greetings. I’m Bahri, hair product and formula expert and instructor. Today I am going to talk to you about curving hair.

As you well know, curves have different sizes. We have curlers with different sizes. Medium, thick, and small. These curlers are usually called curling rods. However, there are many other types of curlers too. Spring loaded curlers, electrical curlers, double curlers, and many others. You can use any type you like.

Today we are going to use our curlers vertically. But here I want to take a moment and remind you that the thicker the batch of hair you wrap in foil with the curler, the bigger the curl is going to be, and the thinner the hair we wrap, the thinner the curl is going to be. Since we have only a few curlers available here, I am just going to work on the front of the head.

You can use curlers in two ways. You can either add the product to the hair first and then wrap the hair around the curler, or if you are not comfortable doing this, just wrap the hair around the curler first and then add the product. To make adding the product easier, we have put the formula inside a spray can.

We are going to separate a part of the hair in the front and wrap it in foil. Since you can use one curler for this part of the hair, we are going to proceed like this. Add the product to the hair at least two centimeters away from the root. Brush the hair to get the product across the hair thoroughly. To avoid getting frizzy hair, wrap the tip of the hair in perm paper. Add the perm paper first and then use the curling rod. If you want the hair to curl toward the inside, then curl it inward, and if you want the hair to curl toward the outside, you will have to use the rod to curl it the other way. Bend the rod and leave it there.

For the rest of the rods, we are going to work vertically. As you can see, we have used this model head in previous videos and there is a nice highlight on the hair. Use the curling rod and wrap the hair around it like this. Again, add the product two centimeters away from the root. Some people rather use a sponge to add the product, but there is no need to do that if you add the product before using the curler. If you want your curls to be of different sizes, use on small and one larger curler on different batches of hair.

We have added all the curlers. Here we have used curlers of different sizes to better show you how each of them are used. We are going to wait for the hair to curl. When working with your client, you can use a hooded hair dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes after adding the curlers. After that time, test the first curler and the last curler you have added. If the result was to your satisfaction,
Then great, but if the result was not up to your standards, you do not have to put the hair under the dryer anymore. Just wrap the hair in a towel to preserve the heat from the blow dryer and let the client sit for a few more minutes while the curl takes effect.

Whenever after opening the hair, you see the hair strands hanging in S shapes the curl is ready. When all the strands of hair look like this, your curl is finished. After this, rinse the hair to get rid of the curling products without removing the curlers. Again, use a towel to absorb the extra water from the hair. Spray the hair with the after-curl product while the curlers are still on. Wait for fifteen minutes and then remove the curlers. After removing, the curlers add more after-curl product and then wait for another fifteen minutes. This is to let the product reach all the layers of hair. After spraying the hair with after-curl product, you should wait for another fifteen minutes. This means that you will have to wait for thirty minutes overall. After waiting for this time, rinse the client’s hair again.

There are two things to consider about curling. Before going through the curling process, you have to wash the client’s hair. Curl must be on clean hair. Do not shampoo the hair after the curl. Just rinse it with water. You can use any styling product of your choice to style the hair afterward. Under no circumstances blow-dry the curly hair. It will make the hair expand and look frizzy. Tell your client to avoid blow-drying their hair also. If you don't, your client will mistreat the hair and end up with a ruined curl. Some people like their curls to look wet. To achieve this, you can add some olive oil to the hair while it is still wet. Some people have deep black or just black dye and want to curl their hair. Hair that is colored black will not hold a curl. It is much better not to perform curling on this type of hair. It will damage the hair and leave your client with no curls and a damaged hair. This is also true for people with decolored or Meche hair. The products used for decoloring and Meche will react to curling products and will damage your hair. You shouldn't perform decoloring on curled hair and vise versa, no curling should be performed on decolored hair. It is a good idea not to perform curling on these types of hair. This is especially true for people who dye their hair constantly. These types of hair will surely be damaged with curling products since they have lost their strength. It is much better to perform curling on natural hair, or hair that has been rarely dyed and is not weakened or damaged. For dyed hair that is healthy, use especial curling products for dyed hair. Because there are different types of curling products for natural and dyed hair. There are also some types of products that are advertised to be compatible with decolored hair. I advise you not to use those products. Even when applying these types of products, there is a good chance that your curl will not hold or you will just damage the hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. See you soon.

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