How To: Beautiful Eye Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you will learn all about another beautiful eye makeup. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Azita Fard.


Greetings. I am Azita Fard. Today I want to show you four different eye makeups for your ceremonies. Please stay with us on this video.

I will use Grimas products for all these eye makeup. First, let’s apply a basis on the eyelids. Start applying an eyeshadow starting at the eyelash lines. Start the second layer of eyeshadow directly above the first layers on the eyelids.

Make sure to fade the shades while applying them. To add to the beauty of the makeup, I added a thin layer of glitter on top. Apply a dark shade on the outer edge of the eyes directly on the side of the lash line for a bigger effect. Now let’s apply a dark shade below the lower eyelids. I do not want to make the area around the eyes too dark but you should definitely use your eyeshades to frame the eyes beautifully.

Now I am going to use the second eyeshadow that I used on the upper eyelids, on the lower eyelids as well to get the theme of the makeup right. Let’s apply some silver glitter on the inner edge of the eyes. It’s suitable for under the eyebrows and gives the area a bigger feel. This concludes our tutorial for today. I hope it has been useful.

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