How To: Professional Face Makeup

In this tutorial, you can watch complete face makeup performed on a model. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy. You can join our classes to learn more about different eye shadows and different types of makeup like European, Turkish, Miniature, face normalization and shadow makeup. At the end of each class, you will receive a valid international certificated. Please contact us at 77431560 or 0935600743.


Greetings. I’m Akbari from Viona Beauty Academy. I have eleven years of experience in the field of cosmetics and I’m happy to announce that.
We graduate more than three hundred students in sixteen fields every year. Every one of our graduates is awarded an international certificate. Since standards for permanent makeup, skin cleansing and massage has been established, our classes on these topics are now available. We hope to serve your interest in the best way possible.

Greetings. I’m Akbari from Viona Beauty Academy and today I want to present a tutorial on facemakeup.

Before anything, we have to prepare the basis of the makeup and measure for symmetry of the eyebrows. This will help us get a much better result. In addition, since our model has oily skin, we have to use oil control to reduce the oiliness of the skin. This will help close the skin pores and help increase the lifespan of the makeup.

On the second stage, we want to start making the basis for our eyemakeup and we want it to be a good and long-lasting basis. Using an oily and dry basis, we can create a long lasting makeup. First, add the oily basis and then the dry one, and fade them using your brush. Next, use a sponge to dry and fix your makeup. We have to use a suitable mix for different parts of the eye. For this makeup, we use a warm mix of colors using brown, gold, honey, cream and chocolate colors. Using these colors the right way we can redesign the look of the eyes.

Since our model has round eyes, we apply a faded shadow to make the eyes look longer. In addition, we use darker shades to hide the bulge of the eye on the eyelids. During an eyemakeup, using a mix of light and dark shades, a correct eyeliner and using suitable eyelash extensions can help the makeup artist. To get a better symmetry, it’s better to work on both eyes at the same time.

At this point at a suitable concealer under the eyes, keeping in mind that it should correspond to the rest of the makeup. This will give us a good basis for the next steps of the makeup. Use a pancake to dry the concealer. Since the client has round eyes, the line at the edge of the eye should not fade. Draw the eyeliner using the aqua, keep in mind to draw the line a little longer on the edge of the eye. Fade the eyeliner to make the work look more natural.

Use the same shadow colors you used on the eyelids and add them under the eyes starting with lighter shades until the darkest one exactly below the eyelashes. The harmony created above the eyes should also be considered below them. Our model is using eyelash extensions, and yet to form the eyes better and to make them look more natural, we are going to use single eyelashes. Since we want to make the eyes look more linear, we add the eyelashes diagonally toward the outer edge of the eyes.

We have now finished adding the single eyelashes. Now we have to add the eyeliner carefully and delicately. Fade the eyeliner after reaching the edge of the eyes so no visible lines remain between the eye shades and the eyeliner. At this point, we have to choose the right color for the face. We make our choice with regard to the type of skin and its color, we can use a range of different skin creams to create the right harmony. For example, our model has a slight redness in her skin pigments that we will try to counter using a warm color.

At this point, we are going to use shadowing techniques to form the structure of the face. These include the nose, cheeks, and the shallow area under the lips. Use a dark shade under the cheeks, and a light shade under the eyes to highlight the cheeks. To make the forehead look longer, use a light shade in the shape of an inverted triangle in the middle of the forehead. Choosing the right cream powder can show the level of a makeup artist’s competency. It’s true that much like designing a good and long-lasting eyemakeup, designing a good and long lasting facemakeup can give the client a piece of mind and give your work value. Here we use techniques that can easily hide skin’s defects such as sweating, freckles, open pores, and then continue to finish the makeup.

To create more symmetry and making the eyebrows look natural, we use hachures instead of shadows. To hide the hachures lines, we use colored fix fax. We have already made the base makeup for the lips. Since the upper lip is a little thinner than the lower one in our model,
We have to make the lips look thicker by adding diagonal lines and using the right colors.

You can join our classes to learn more about normalizing and adding makeup to all types of faces. In order to receive consultancy about joining our classes, please call the numbers provided in the description.

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