How To: Removing Black Dye From Hair

In this tutorial, we will talk about removing dark colors from hair. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Bita Abdollahi.


Greetings. I’m Bita Abdollahi. I’m a formula expert. Today I want to teach to you about dye removal and how to correctly remove dye from hair.

Today I want to teach about this method using a model with a black dye on the hair. The color on this hair is from at a level like 1,2, or maybe 3 at some areas. We want to remove the black dye from the hair and raise the lightness of the hair to a higher level. Remember that before you start, you must know the nature of the hair. You have to examine the hair to make sure about its state and health after multiple dark dye procedures, which could have even involved organic dye material.

The best way to make sure about this is to take a small layer of hair from the deeper layers underneath and use very weak decoloring material such as oxidant number one to perform a bleach as a test to see how the hair will respond and whether it will get damaged and how much it will bleach. If the result was satisfactory, you can extend this operation to the rest of the hair.

Be very careful with this procedure and don’t let the material remain on the hair for too long. Whenever during the removal that you reach a level of bleach close to six it would be enough. Then you can apply a new dye based on the level of bleach that you have achieved. Let’s test a layer of hair so you can see. Let’s take a small layer of hair from deep below the hair layers. Apply the material to the hair. The material we are using is weak and mixed with one percent oxidant. We want to test the hairs strength and bleach response with this method.

Wrap the foil and wait for almost fifteen minutes before testing the hair to see the level of bleach. It’s important to pay attention to this process because it’s very possible that organic or dark dye could have damaged the hair before. Therefore, it’s very important to be delicate and vigilant. Unwarp the foil after fifteen minutes to see the result.

While we wait for the material to bleach the hair so we can check for resistance and bleach, I want to talk to you about a few things. When you want to remove dye from hair, you don’t have to do it to the whole hair at the same time. Instead, you can start one or two centimeters from the root and start the decoloring process until the tip of the hair, and apply a slight bleach for the root of the hair later. Since the root of the hair is close to the body and hence somewhat warmer, the bleaching process takes effect faster.

I want to point out a few things about taking care of your hair. It’s important to remind your clients that dyed hair requires special care even if the dye is dark like black, wine, or even organic colors. Because of the dye that is applied to the hair, it loses a significant portion of its moisture and gets dry. This is why you should take special care of your hair afterward. Avoid tying your hair above your head while it’s still wet. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry. Use a hair mask as much as you can. Reduce the amount of conditioner you use, or avoid using it altogether. Try to go for a restoration session each month or at least once every two months or use different types of vitamin nutrition shampoos to reduce the dryness of the hair.

After the test is over and you have made sure about the level of bleach and the potency of the hair, remove the rest of the dye and apply the color that the client prefers. This hair will bleach to a level 6 at best. It’s much better if you use a color mix that would counter the orange background color left on the hair after the bleach. I hope this video helps you take better care of your hair. You can watch the result of this process at the end of this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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