How To: Sombre Dye

The most viral dye of this year includes Ombre, Sombre and galaxy techniques. For those of you interested in a chic European dye, Ombre and Sombre are the best options. In this tutorial, you can watch how a Sombre dye is applied to a client’s hair. This tutorial is provided by Mrs. Shadi Homayouni. If you’re interested in joining our formula classes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 09192039642.


Greetings. I’m Shadi Homayouni, formula expert from Today I want to talk to you about Sombre technique.

Sombre is a soft Ombre hair dye where the roots are darker and the rest of the hair is light. You can perform this technique on Ombre hair or do it on a complete bleached hair which the clients usually grow tired of and want to darken the roots to have an Ombre.

In Sombre technique, we divide the hair in the back above one-third of the ear. Brush them and let them hang in the back. We’re going to dye this part for thirty centimeters from the root. We’re going to use a level 5 dye. Yet you can also use a level four if you want the hair darker.

There are more divisions above one-third of the ear. One of them is across the arch of the eyebrow. Also above the head, we have divided the hair in a coup which I’ll show you later.

We’ll start adding the product to the back. We’re using a level five color. You can use another level depending on what the client prefers. Use the brush on the roots like this, but when you’re moving down, use the brush as I do. This will cover the whole thirty centimeters.

After adding the product to all of this part until you reach one third on the ear on the back, move to the next part. Divide the hair at the same line with the eyebrow’s arch, like how I do it. Start adding the color to the hair from the front. The product should be added to twenty centimeters of the hair. Again, first we use the brush normally, but as we move down, we have to use the brush this way. Until you cover the twenty centimeters. You cover both sides until the back.

The only part left is above the hair. For this part, separate a batch back and start adding the product until we reach the front. Use the brush like before. The length of this part is ten centimeters. So, there’s ten centimeters, twenty centimeters and thirty-centimeter areas where you add the product.'
The closer you get to the center of the head, the length of the product on the hair decreases. This is called a Sombre technique which means the roots are dark, but the end of the hair is lighter. We have Sombre and Ombre techniques together.

Those who want to restore their Ombre or Sombre, or need to repeat the process once more, or those who don’t want to bleach again, can restore their Sombre on the next month. Those with an Ombre can go for a balayage after three to five months. We’ll talk about balayage later. You can use balayage or open-air Meche to dye your hair in an asymmetric style.

I hope you have enjoyedour tutorial. Thank you.

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