How To: Ombre Using Tools

In this tutorial, we cover the uses and techniques such as Ombre, Sombre, and many others, which we can apply using the disk tool. Seeing the great results of this tool, your costumers will be motivated even more by your work and as a result, you will have more costumers over time. In all other salons, you will have to put your head on a special table and have the Ombre highlight applied. One of the disadvantages of this method is that if you have multiple clients who want to have this done, you will need multiple tables. In addition, the client will have to stay in an uncomfortable position for an extended time, which can cause fatigue.


Greetings to you all. Today I want to talk to you about one of the most recent techniques in Ombre highlights. As you well know, nowadays people can do most of their own hair dye and highlights. People usually buy what they need from the markets and dye their own hair using mixed dyes available and therefore there are not as many clients available anymore. We aim to teach you techniques and methods that would motivate the clients to refer to you in your salon instead of opting for dying their own hair.

As you well know, there are many new techniques introduced to the market in recent years including Ombre, Sombre, pixelation, panting, and other highlighting techniques. Here, I see fit to teach you this technique, which has previously been taught by other hairstylists, but I will be using a new tool. This will help you get more clients.

For an Ombre highlight, we can use many different tools and techniques. You must have seen that for this highlight, people usually put their head on a flat surface, spread the hair and then apply the highlight. However, you can have multiple tables in your salon and this method can make the client feel fatigued. This is why I will show you how to apply the Ombre highlight using a new tool, which was introduced recently. Since New Year’s is approaching, it is much better if you can come up with a few new techniques and methods and make changes to your work. With this in mind, let’s start our work.

I have separated the mannequin hair, kept most of the hair on the top and the rest is hanging on the sides. To make sure the hair is separated in a direct line and there is symmetry on both sides, you can use the tip of the brush and measure the distance between the separation lines to the ear on both sides. After making sure that the hair is separated correctly, you can bring the rest of the hair up and use hair clips to hold them in place and use the new tool, which looks like a disk on top of the head.

This elastic part can be put on top of the client’s heads with different sizes. Put the disk on top of the head and pull it down until to the forehead. Put the disk on top of the head and pull it down to line it up with the forehead,
Then pull the free layers of hair out and pull them on the top of the disk, then you can put each layer on one of the lines around the disk and use hair clips to hold them in place. You can apply the material to the parts of the hair hanging from the sides of the disk. The mixture of the material you use for an Ombre highlight must be pasty and with a high density.

I will apply this to this model so you can see. I mixed the material in my bowl and now I can use my palette to apply the material to the hair. I use the pasty material I mixed and now I will use the palette to apply it to the hair layer using the brush like this. The higher the density of the material you use, the more you can be sure that the material will not get on the other layers and bleach areas you do not want. Apply the material to all the layers like this and message them with your hand. Apply the material to the hair layers all around the disk and then start separating the rest of the hair into layers.

After finishing your work on the first batch of layers, separate the other layers, put them between the previous layers on the disk, and start applying the material to them. If the client prefers the Ombre highlight to start closer to the root, you can use the Ombre technique to apply the material starting closer to the root until the end of the hair layer. Because of the disk, if you leave the hair at this point, it will not touch the rest of the layers and you can do your work with more security. I can apply the material to these two parts and then use a hair clip to attach the layer to the disk.

If you want to apply the material closer to the root, you can apply the material to the sides of the hair layer and then use your hand to massage the hair layer a little bit. Then use your palette to apply the material to the rest of the hair layer the same way you did for the previous layers. It is recommended to use smaller brush tips to apply the material between the hair layers, and then use your hand to massage the end of the hair layer. To make the lower part of the hair layer lighter than the upper part, mix your material in two different bowls and use oxidant volume two for the upper part of the layer and use oxidant volume three for the lower part of the hair.

You cannot reapply the material to the upper parts of the hair layer after the initial application, but you can apply the material to the lower part using a blue bleaching powder and oxidant volume three to make the lower part of the hair look lighter. This mostly depends on you and your client’s preference. I will put the hair layers on the palette and start applying the material again. You will see how different hair layers will not touch each other and even if they do because the material is pasty, it will not stick to the other layer. In this method, you can use a couple of different colored powder at the end of each layer. For example for the first part, you can use a dark red, the second part a lighter red or strawberry red, and use other colored powders for other layers.

This will make the hair have a beautiful multicolor look. After applying the material to all the hair layers, we have to rinse the hair. If you want, you can rinse the hair layer by layer while the disk is still on top of the head and then dye each layer separately. However, if the client prefers to dye their hair completely, remove the disk, rinse the hair, and start dyeing the hair after drying it. To highlight the right areas on the hair layer, the angle of the hand is very important. Make sure to keep your hands at a low angle, because if you hold the layers at a high angle, there will be empty spaces between the strands and the highlight will not look good. Therefore, make sure to hold the hair layer at a zero degree angle when applying the material to the side and bottom of the hair layer.

You can separate the remaining hair at the top of the head into layers, hold them in your hand in a V shape or triangle, apply the material and make sure to lay them on the empty parts of the disk afterward and avoid putting the layers on top of each other, just like the ones I did here. We can perform many different fantasy highlights using this disk. We can apply the material higher or lower on the layers. Finally, you can rinse the hair while the disk is still on the head and then use coloring shampoos to get a bigger color spectrum.

In this tutorial, I tried to show you the most recent techniques you can apply using the disk. I hope you can buy and use this disk in your work. To join our private and public classes, please contact us with the numbers provided in the description. If you are interested in purchasing these disks, please contact us. Until next time, goodbye.

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